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Always be on the safe side

When it comes to the safety and security of their kids, parents don’t compromise – and they have high demands on suitable solutions for use at home or abroad.


Hardly any generation of kids has grown up as protected as the one today. Nutrition is supposed to be balanced, healthy and if possible organic, clothing should be made of natural materials; toys need to be free of harmful substances and of dangerous small parts that could be swallowed by the little ones. And it goes without saying that potential origins of danger in the house are being eliminated in the most thorough way as well. To this end, parents prefer buying children’s furniture with rounded edges; they equip power outlets with protection caps, doors with a cushioning effect and stairs with fall protection devices. Especially the ever more popular open floor plans that make it easy for toddlers to extend their discovery tours to the entire house can be a real challenge for safety-conscious parents.

Safety and comfort in the car

Then again, kids need to be optimally protected from harm not only at home, but also in the car. When buying a child car seat, safety has top priority. But increasingly, parents also pay attention to comfort, flexibility and usability. Current best-selling models fulfil these requirements with shock-absorbing side impact and head protection systems as well as with customised premium padding. Portable infant car seats for babies score with good reclining capabilities, individual options for adjustment and flexibly adaptable shoulder harnesses.

So-called re-boarders – rear-facing car seats – offer a high degree of safety as they particularly protect the cervical spine which is extremely sensitive in babies and toddlers. According to the standard i-size, an EU norm introduced in 2013 for Isofix seats, rear-facing baby seats for kids up to 15 months as well as side impact tests of these seats will become mandatory in the future. One of the seats that complies with the i-size standard is the re-boarder 2wayPearl by Dorel Europe. It is suitable for children up to 105 centimetres of size and provides a high level of seating comfort.

Handling and multi-functionality

But children’s car seats are only perfectly safe if installed properly – and with some models, it’s not that easy. Therefore, user-friendly systems that, in a best-case scenario, also give audible or visible feedback when mounted correctly are a most practical solution. Parents with compact cars will also appreciate multi-functional car seats such as “Simple Parenting” by doona: the infant car seat can be converted into a buggy with minimum effort; it consists of top-grade materials and complies with the European safety standards for car seats and pushchairs. For this, the product by the Israeli manufacturer was honoured with the Kind+Jugend Innovation Award in the “World of Travelling Baby” category.

Safety comes first in products for children. At the same time, these products should to be user-friendly, attractive and moderately priced. Which solution do you find inspiring and innovative? And where would you see room for improvement as far as safety is concerned?

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  1. Norma Maiorano says:


    I would like to know if there is any company adressing the problem of kids left in the car. As you may know these accident are often fatal, so it will be great to see somebody thinking about a solution.

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