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Products for “children and parents”

Fashionable and functional – products in the children’s outfitting sector are more and more geared towards the style and the taste of the parents.

Stand: OiOi

Stand: OiOi

It is beyond all question that parents want the best for their kids. However, they do not only pay attention to their children’s desires, but increasingly also to their own. Be it fashion and accessories or health and ergonomics – many innovations that are launched by manufacturers these days are as beneficial and enjoyable for the parents as they are for their offspring.

Stylish helpers for everyday life

In order to be happy, babies need entertainment as well as diaper changes on a regular basis, even when they and their parents are away from home. That’s why the diaper bag needs to hold the favourite cuddly toy, a comforter and a baby bottle in addition to the actual diapers. However, practicality and the need to store all of these things do not necessarily contradict a stylish design. Currently trending with parents who just had a baby are diaper bags that combine a maximum of functional and fashionable elements for daily use. The British brand Storksak for example combines stylish design, high practicality and quality as well as a lot of attention to detail in one roomy bag. The timeless appeal of diaper bags by Lässig means that they are an ideal accessory for the mom and can serve as a shopping or leisure bag anytime – even when going out without the baby. Another factor that is being counted in more and more is the sustainability of the products: various programmes use recycled synthetic materials (which are of course free from PVC or pollutants).

Fashionable and comfy even en route

A pushchair is a major investment for all parents. The baby should be extremely safe while being able to sleep snuggly. The pushchair needs to be handled and transported not only by the parents, but also by the grandparents or a babysitter. No challenge for the latest generation of pushchairs that present themselves as trendy lightweights. From push handles that are adjustable in height through to especially high lying and sitting positions or variable suspension systems for the chassis – ergonomics that everyone involved can benefit from now play a major role in the development of new products. But that does not come at the expense of individual style: Joolz, for example, offers parents the possibility to compose their pushchair from a multitude of colour options.

A popular alternative to pushchairs are baby carriers and baby slings. They too increasingly turn into a stylish accessory: The baby carrier Manduca Limited Edition Circedalic by Wickelkinder was awarded as the best and most beautiful product amongst the travel accessories at the „G+J | Family Consumer Award 2014“ in the category “Being en route” (“Unterwegs sein”). The ergonomic carrying aid is comfortable and straightforward, the users reported. Furthermore the various fabrics, patterns and embroideries are a real eye-catcher.

In your opinion, how important is it to include the taste of parents in the product choice? Do you experience increasing aesthetic claims of your customers or do they stick to the “standard” products? We are looking forward to your comments!

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