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What do today’s young parents want?

A life between a kid and a career, between dreams for their own future and the constraints of daily life changes young parents’ expectations and consumer behaviour. What do they wish for? And how can retailers and manufacturers provide for it?

Kind + Jugend 2014, Puky

Kind + Jugend 2014, Puky

Today’s parents are different than their counterparts a couple of years ago. Whereas for previous generations, the serious side of life started – at the latest – with the birth of their first child and meant pushing their own needs into the background, young and modern parents want more: They want to be good parents and at the same time pursue a career; spend a lot of time with the kids and enjoy their time as a couple; achieve the best for their kids, but also fulfil their own dreams every now and then.

Like parent like child

Most of all, however, today’s parents set high standards for themselves. Their offspring should grow up safe and sound and only get the best of everything, including a feeling of security, a healthy diet, multifaceted stimuli, and optimum support for their individual development. The thought behind is that only when their kids are prepared for life in the best possible way, parents have done a good job. Anna Luz de Léon, for example, blogs about “educational heroic deeds“ and the lives of parents in today’s society in her weblog „berlin – mitte – mom“. With a lot of esprit and a certain degree of self-mockery, she writes about her experiences in a Berlin-based extended family.

How altered attitudes affect expectations and young parents’ consumer behaviour, is explained by Marie-Luise Lewicki, editor-in-chief of the German magazine “Eltern“, in her talk about “Young parents 2014”. Torn between their job and their kids, their duties and their wish for personal fulfilment, they need practical solutions that help them

  • stay mobile – to be out and about with kids in a fast, comfortable and uncomplicated manner, for example with products by Cybex or Mutsy
  • save time and to manage daily life in an ideal way – for example with digital helpers by Philips AVENT or Angelcare or apps for parents like “BabyPhone Deluxe”
  • know for sure that their kid is well – with intelligent products for their children’s safety in the house and in the car.

In addition, demands on a product’s quality and longevity are ever increasing. Not only should they be healthy and durable, but also reflect status and individuality by way of high-class design. And, of course, they need to be socially and economically sustainable, thus giving you the feeling that you’re living up to your values and making the world a better place for your offspring.

On an emotional level, parents tend to pass on the experiences from their own childhood, dreaming of a world that is stable and conveys a feeling of comfort and emotional security. And for products and experiences which not only reflect this feeling, but also provide for pleasure and family bliss, they are quite willing to spend serious money.

How do you experience the expectations and the consumer behaviour by young parents? What is this target group keen on? Post your opinion and share your thoughts with us!

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