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Digitalisation in the children’s room

Digitalisation finds its way into the children’s room. It is not only electronic toys that are in demand, but also digital tools and online helpers for safety-conscious parents.

Kind + Jugend 2014, 4moms™, mamaRoo children's seats

Kind + Jugend 2014, 4moms™, mamaRoo children’s seats

Today’s kids have hardly outgrown their toddler years when they find themselves in the middle of the digital world. For quite some time, not only teenagers, but also younger children – even the youngest ones – spend their time with smartphones, tablets or on a computer.
55 per cent of the eight-year-olds go online on a regular basis; among the six-year-olds, 28 per cent use the Internet, and even 11 per cent of the three-year-olds do. And the numbers are rising, according to a study by the German Institute for trust and safety on the Internet (“Deutsches Institut für Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet, DIVSI“) which was commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs (“Bundesfamilienministerium”). Evidently, the favourite pastime of kids on the internet is gaming: 89 percent of the surveyed three-to-eight-year-olds confirmed this.

Toy manufacturers have of course spotted this trend. As a result, they – besides classic toys – offer more and more digital toys or hybrid games that combine analogue and digital elements, for example cars which are controlled via tablet or smartphone. The German games manufacturer Ravensburger has developed tiptoi®, an interactive audio-digital learning system for four-to-seven-year-olds. The unique books and games come alive when tapped on with the special tiptoi pen. The little ones can listen to stories or solve exciting puzzles – this way, they are being prepared for digital media in a playful way.

It is not only digital toys, however, that find their way into the children’s room. Digitalisation also opens up new possibilities for concerned parents to monitor the wellbeing and going-ons of their offspring. Analogue baby monitors are, however, a thing of the past. Today, parents keep an eye on their children with the help of digital baby monitors via the Internet. snu:mee from rock2sleep offers even more options and features. It combines baby monitor, MP3 player and a music box in just one device which is connected with the parents’ smartphone via Wi-Fi and controlled by an app. With the help of a playlist, the gadget even provides lullabies for the little ones. The children’s seat mamaRoo by 4moms™ functions similarly. Through electronic assistance, it moves in about the same way as parents comforting their babies. These movements can be managed via a smartphone or tablet app; an MP3 connection and integrated sounds provide for musical entertainment.

Some wireless baby monitors work with DECT technology which sends pulsed microwaves nonstop. These devices are suspected to produce electromagnetic pollution. By now, though, there are manufacturers such as Babymoov that completely forego DECT microwaves and permanent radio transmission. Babymoov’s video baby monitor for IOS and Android, for example, doesn’t cause any radio wave emissions. For this reason, the device has been awarded with the Innovation Award at last year’s Kind + Jugend.

For a digital education, more and more providers offer special apps for parents which comprise a wide range of information, game ideas and useful tips: from counselling on the first year of life or first aid tips for poisoning through to home remedies for small ailments or clever gaming ideas.

At the end of the day, the trend towards digitalisation in the children’s room is unstoppable. Digital products for children and parents are also one of the mega trends at Kind + Jugend 2015  – make sure to order your ticket as soon as possible so you won’t miss a thing!

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