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Support at every stage!

It is well conceivable that it hasn’t been so easy for the jury of international industry experts to finally choose the nominees for the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2015. All together 130 companies from 25 countries handed in 174 innovative products. Now the nominees in eight categories are chosen and announced. On September 10th (10.00 am in hall 10.1) to the beginning of the fair trade the winners are going to be selected.

However, the Innovation Award is only one of six support projects through what the Kind + Jugend wants to support young companies and designers and also established brand manufacturers at every stage of their market participation: from prototype up to a successful brand product.

Promotion cycle of the Kind + Jugend - Support at every stage

Promotion cycle of the Kind + Jugend – Support at every stage

The Kids Design Award through what product concepts, ideas, drafts and prototypes which are not in trade yet are supported, is „The starter” for young and up-and-coming designers. In addition to the award-winning every nominated designer has the opportunity for a product-sponsorship with chosen representatives from industry and trade.

An exhibitor’s space for the products from different countries that have already been processed ready for the market and produced offers the Design Parc. The exclusive kids’ furniture, living accessories and toys presenting at its best can get into large-scale-contact for sales. Thus the Design Parc is a real “mediator” for success.

The product development is finished, the product has already been produced and a sales concept already exists? – and now? The Bundesministerium for economy and energy offers financial support in the form of an absorption of costs up to 70%. JIUs (Junge Innovative Unternehmen) International Pavillion is the perfect “companion” for the first presentation in front of international specialists.

For companies that have already been established the Innovation Award for outstanding and innovative products for the upcoming season is a unique “rewarder”. It comes with a seal which marks the special quality of a product and distinguishes it as an international known sales-support from others of its kind.

The worldwide best child’s outfitting products from the consumer’s point of view are presented by the Consumer Award. In doing so the Kind+Jugend fulfills the trade visitor’s wish of presenting aside from product innovations also consumer’s favorite products from all over the world. International manufacturers and traders get valuable information about new products from respective countries where those are already a hit. For companies also “The confirmer”.

Interesting and various topics for every industry participants offers the Trend Forum and therefore is an “allrounder”. Talks about all market relevant topics, trends, market data and innovative strategies all about products, trends and new ideas over the entire time of the fair trade are offered.

Come and see our special exhibition and events in hall 10.1 and get inspired! We are looking forward to your visit!

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