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Exclusive – The Kids Design Award in the Matchmaking365-Community of Kind + Jugend 2015

The Kids Design Award again was an important event at this year’s Kind + Jugend.

Very exclusively, we will present the submitted ideas for the Kids Design Award 2015 under its own category in the Matchmaking365-Community, starting from November 2, 2015.

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Crane

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Crane

During the next months, members can review and comment on over 200 concepts and ideas from all over the world, and can contact the designers directly.

To make this possible, we also added new voting and comment functions in the Matchmaking365-Community.

Another new feature is that members can now offer their presentations and studies free of charge for download. The downloadable files are also only visible for registered members. After each download, the download author will be notified by email about which member downloaded the document.

This will not only add fresh new content but will also very likely result in interesting talks, leads, and new business contacts.

Interested people can still register for free and participate in the Matchmaking365-Community.

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