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Kind + Jugend prepares ideas for the market – 3rd round of Kids Design Award for young designers

Kind + Jugend has once again proven that it is one of the most important meeting points of the industry as the leading international trade fair for baby and toddler outfitting with the product show in 2015. One of its unique selling points is the special promotion of young designers and promising concepts. In keeping with this, the Kids Design Award is now entering the third round.

Kids Design Award 2016

Kids Design Award 2016 of Kind + Jugend – apply now!

Wanted: the best young designer of 2016

When exceptional concepts and designs for children’s outfitting and furniture that are inventive and future-oriented in their function and design are sought effective immediately, that can only mean one thing: Kind + Jugend is looking for the young designer of 2016! Already for the third year in a row, the trade fair and the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) are inviting design students, designers and young designers from around the world to participate with their creative ideas. The designers with the ten most convincing product concepts will be nominated and receive their own platform with an international public at this year’s trade fair. A 7-member jury of international experts will select the winner of the Kids Design Award 2016 for the best design from among the nominees.

Successful market entry thanks to advancement award

In addition to the award prize, the ten best designers have the chance to win a coveted sponsorship: a product sponsorship with select representatives from industry, who will accompany the development of the product to market maturity. A carefully developed sales concept ensures the high quality standard of the competition. The selected designers can also exhibit their finished products in an exclusive special area of Kind + Jugend 2016 at no charge.

The winners of the Kids Design Award for 2014 und 2015 have already profited from the respected sponsorship award: both Jannis Ellenberger and Annika Marie Buchberger attracted the attention of the children’s furniture manufacturer Jörg de Breuyn with their designs and commenced with production together. Another designer convinced the children’s lighting manufacturer Niermann Standby in last year’s competition. Jana Cerna developed a lamp that can be individualised by toddlers, and which is now entering into series production with the traditional Sauerland company.

Presentation of all ideas in the Matchmaking-Community

Kind + Jugend also helps those designers who are not among the nominees attract more attention in the industry. All submissions for the Kids Design Award are presented to the product sponsors after the trade fair. Each idea is also presented to the community in its own article in the exclusive and free Matchmaking365-Community for exhibitors, trade visitors and interested parties. In this way they too also have a big chance to meet renowned representatives of industry and to establish important contacts for the future.

Would you like to gain an impression? All design ideas of the Kids Design Award 2015 can be viewed following registration in the Matchmaking365-Community.

The submission deadline for participation in this year’s Kids Design Award is 5 June 2016. We are excited and looking forward to receiving many great designs!

You can also find detailed information on Kids Design Award and other offers from our Sponsorship principle at our website.



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