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Playful fostering and learning

There is no holding children back when they are exploring their environment. Whether they are using the abacus to practice with numbers, training their sense of balance with the rocking horse or learning to understand their first story with audio books: playing and fostering development at the same time? (Almost) anything is possible with the new trend toys!

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

The urge to explore meets imagination

Kind + Jugend 2015 already demonstrated it: the urge to explore and the imagination of babies and toddlers is being increasingly addressed. The manufacturers playfully integrate numerous learning components into everyday life, and in this way create a foundation for lifelong learning fun. The new products demonstrate how logic, language and agility are mediated in the context of play. Starting with modelling clay and classic building blocks that refrain from presenting the child with a finished play world, but instead motivate it to create its own, to technology sets for young builders, there is a complete series of toys that are both fun and positively influence development.

Increased communicative ability

Puzzles and peg and hole toys are ideal for promoting agility and the development of motor skills; vehicles for pushing, pulling and pedaling as well as scooters promote a solid and secure stand. Strategy and role playing games that stimulate creativity and imagination then come into play at a somewhat more advanced age. Here, small bending figures become actors in a one’s own made up story and inhabitants of one’s own dream home. Social behaviour can also be enhanced in this way. Role playing games also have a noticeable positive effect on communication abilities. The materials used also offer all kinds of hands-on diversion: textiles, plastics and varied wooden elements foster the sense of touch almost as an afterthought.

Water fun and fine motor skills

The little ones are also brought closer to the element of water at an early age. Playing on a water play mat is an experience for all babies. Surrounded by a pleasantly soft and colourful textile shell, they can discover what the mat filled with water has in store for them: play figures like stars, fish or flowers that can easily be moved back and forth in their hands. Motor skills lying on the stomach are also reinforced. There are also play blankets with incorporated music, light and nature sounds. These allow playing both on the back and lying supported on the stomach.

Digitalisation in the toy segment

The trend theme digitalisation moves through the baby and toddler outfitting segment like a common thread. In the toy range for children from 0-4 years of age, the product range that combines analogue and digital elements with one another is very large.

In your experience, what toys do parents turn to when early childhood development is the priority? Is it more the “classic” companions like building blocks and Memory, or is there in fact an increasing trend toward digital products? Let us know!

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