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Kind + Jugend wants to know … all about kids’ lifestyle trends – An interview with Senior Trend Strategist Ruth Kelly from Trend Bible

Each year Kind + Jugend shows the latest trends for babies and toddlers. But how do trends develop and who determines them? And which factors have an influence on trends? We spoke to Ruth Kelly, Senior Trend Strategist at Trend Bible, a home and interiors dedicated trend agency who will once again provide an exclusive insight into the latest kids’ trends at Kind + Jugend 2016. The agency just published their Kid’s Lifestyle Trend Book Spring/Summer 2018.

Ruth Kelly, Senior Trend Strategist - Photo: Trend Bible

Ruth Kelly, Senior Trend Strategist – Photo: Trend Bible

1. You are regularly publishing the latest lifestyle trends for kids. And at Kind + Jugend 2016, you will once again give exclusive insights into the upcoming season. Can you tell us a bit of what is to come in 2017?

Ruth Kelly: For 2017, there are several influences driving change in design for babies and kids. One of the key drivers that continue to be important is a ‘connection to nature’. You can see this influence in several of our design themes for spring/summer, with a real focus on protecting and learning from the natural world.

Digital technology, of course, is also another major influence. The advancement of virtual and augmented reality is resulting in new ‘blended experiences’ for children, which we see translating into design for kids in some really interesting ways.

2. Which parental requirements do today’s kids’ lifestyle trends follow? Which aspects do you consider here?

Ruth Kelly: For us, considering parental desires and motivations is a huge part of forecasting for the baby and kids market. Understanding the pressures or concerns of parents is a key to understanding the types of products they will want to buy for their kids.

For example, at the moment the use of digital technology and the amount of ‘screen time’ children and even toddlers are exposed to, is a key concern. There is a conflict between wanting children to benefit from the amazing advances in technology for learning and entertainment, while making sure they don’t lose other important skills in the process. I think where we’ll see great innovation in technology that can enable children to have freedom outdoors while maintaining their safety.

3. How do you know which trends will determine the baby and toddler outfitting sector in the next years and how do trends develop?

Ruth Kelly: We gather and cluster research from a broad range of sectors including education, parenting, government policy, the art of play, childhood development, health, nourishment and future technology. We then analyse what this means for the various industries we’re working in within ‘Kids and Baby’.

The pace at which a trend will develop and be adopted by consumers can vary greatly depending on the trend itself and other external factors. Typically, we will start to see a trend emerge in a small percentage of the market we call ‘mavens’, who are the first to respond to change. We can then monitor the trend as other market groups gradually begin to respond until it reaches a ‘mass market’ level.

4. Which factors are influencing you in your analyses? How important are visits of trade fairs and trend shows like Kind + Jugend in this case?

Ruth Kelly: Trade shows are a great opportunity to see the latest innovations in this sector. It’s important to help us monitor the pace of trends and analyse how they are beginning to emerge in the marketplace.

5. How have kids’ lifestyle trends changed and developed in recent years?

Ruth Kelly: One key shift we’ve seen in recent years is a move towards more sophisticated and premium design for baby and child. Parents are looking for furniture and accessories that reflect the décor of the rest of the home. This is resulting in some really beautiful products that are very design lead.

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