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Kids Design Award 2016: the nominations have been confirmed

Kind + Jugend is an event for ideas. However, innovations are more than just admired at the stands of the exhibitors – they are also honoured. With various awards conferred during the trade fair, Kind + Jugend this year once again distinguishes the best concepts, ideas and designs. The nominees for the Kids Design Award have now been announced. And you shouldn’t miss either the Innovation Award nor the Consumer Award at the trade fair.

Kids Design Award 2016

Kids Design Award 2016

The Kids Design Award is traditionally conferred on the first day of the trade fair. It distinguishes young designers for their product concepts, ideas, designs and prototypes that are not yet commercially available. A total of 112 young designers from 22 countries have applied for a nomination with their submissions. The ten nominees from which the jury will in turn honour the winner for the best product idea or prototype in 2016 have now been confirmed. In addition to winning the award, the nominated designers have the chance of being chosen for a product sponsorship by selected representatives of industry and commerce.

An overview of the nominees of the Kids Design Award 2016: Jonas Schwarz and Ingo Schuppler (Germany), Lea Sonder and Max von Elverfeldt (Germany), Sarah Philomena Beck and Daniel Trojer (Germany), Yu- Nung Lin (Taiwan), Inna Shimelmits (Israel), Felix Lies and Angelica Dittwald (Germany), Lena Lautenschlager and Andrea Potschacher (Germany), Dominic Rödel (Germany), Christian Trebtmann, Carolin Pertsch and Finja Kram (Germany) and Alice Homann (Germany). You can find more information on the various categories of the submissions on the Event page of the Kids Design Award.

The Kids Design Award will be conferred on 15 September at 10:00 a.m. in Hall 10.1.

For already established companies, the Innovation Award is a “reward” of the special kind for exceptional and innovative products of the coming season. It is accompanied by a seal indicating the outstanding quality of a product and distinguishing it from others of its kind as internationally familiar sales promotion. With the Innovation Award, Kind + Jugend honours the great innovative strength of the industry. This year there was a total of 166 submissions from 27 countries.

The Innovation Award will also be conferred on 15 September at 10:00 a.m. in Hall 10.1.

The world’s best children’s outfitting products as seen by consumers are presented with the Consumer Award. What is especially well-received? What are the “favourite products” of people who use them everyday? The international manufacturers and traders receive valuable information on products that are especially well-received in their countries. Leading parents’ magazines and portals worldwide are the cooperation partners of the Kind + Jugend Consumer Award. This year Germany (new with 1st Steps), the Netherlands (Baby Stuf), Austria (NEW MOM), Poland (Branża Dziecięca), Russia (Rodi), Turkey (TURKIYE COCUK) and a new partner, France (Parole de Mammans), are participating.

You can find information on the Consumer Awards conferred in the individual countries in our event search under the keyword “Consumer Award”.


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