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In search of young designers: the Kids Design Award is starting the fourth round

The starting shot for the fourth edition of the Kids Design Award 2017 has been fired: Effective immediately, young designers from around the world can apply for the coveted honour. Applications will be accepted until 29 May 2017. The best designs will be presented to an international public at Kind + Jugend 2017 (14-17 September 2017).

Kids Design Award 2017

Kids Design Award 2017

With the Kids Design Award, Kind + Jugend and Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) promote young designers and future-oriented ideas, as well as product concepts that are not yet commercially available.

Called for are innovative designs and prototypes for baby and children’s furniture or outfitting items that inspire with considerable benefits of usage and design full of ideas.

Awarded for the first time in 2014, the Kids Design Award has developed into an award that is widely recognised in the trade world, and into a career launcher for young designers. For example, the designs of Jannis Ellenberger (prize winner in 2014) and Annika Marie Buchberger (prize winner 2015) of the Cologne children’s furniture manufacturer Jörg de Breuyn were brought to market maturity and successfully commenced with series production. Inna Shimelmits, the award winner of 2016, also inspired the jury and trade fair public with her “PET” chair, which stimulates both the motor skills and the creativity of children.

The prize winner is selected by a prestigious jury from the ten nominees with the most convincing product ideas. The nominees also have their chance. Their designs are also presented to an international public at the world’s leading trade fair for baby and toddler outfitting. This means that they too have the opportunity to acquire producers as product sponsors, who help them bring their concept to market. Their ideas are also presented in the exclusive Matchmaking365 Community – an extraordinary possibility to capture the attention of renowned representatives from the industry and establish important contacts.

122 applicants from 22 countries have submitted their ideas for the Kids Design Award in the past year. Here is where you come in: design your concept for furniture or outfitting items that have what it takes to enrich children’s rooms. Build your prototypes. And submit your online application here. You can also find detailed participation information in our brochure on the competition.

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