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Children’s furniture trends 2017: Parents are digging deeper into the pocketbook for high quality and design

Parents are paying increasing attention to quality, safety and ecology when furnishing children’s rooms. Still very popular are multi-functional and mobile pieces of furniture, as well as high quality design, preferably bright, neutral hues, or the new trend colour grey.

Kind + Jugend 2016. Leander, Hall 11.1

Kind + Jugend 2016. Leander, Hall 11.1

Only the best for the little ones. Where items of furniture and room decoration for the little ones are concerned, parents attach the greatest importance to quality, safety, comfort and sustainability.

Solid wooden furniture and natural textiles, preferably from ecological production, as well as with test seals and certificates for materials and coatings remain very much in demand.

Families are quite prepared to spend somewhat more for especially high quality items, particularly when the furniture grows with the child and can also be used in other living spaces after it has done its service in the nursery, children’s and teenagers’ rooms. Baby changing units that are converted into hallway furniture with a new coat of paint thus enjoy great popularity. As original as they are high quality are the hanging spheres from Amazonas for children three and up. They are fastened to the ceiling with a hook or suspended from a hammock frame. A solid wood frame lends every Relax sphere stability and safety.

That also applies to multi-functional and mobile furniture, which is still completely trendy. For example, the Room bed ‘Rock Star Baby’ side bed from roba, which can be set higher as needed and can be transformed into a changing table or a baby bouncer. Thanks to integrated adjustable vibration technology, it rocks the child gently to sleep or rouses it with somewhat faster movement. It can also be set up and taken apart very quickly with the push of a button, and can be stored compactly and ready for travel in the supplied bag.

Design in the children’s room is also increasingly becoming a topic of interest. Just as with furnishings for parents, the spectrum extends from purist clean chic through Scandinavian language of form and country style to ethno elements and opulent showpieces. Solid wood, also in combination with MDF, as well as varnished, oiled and waxed surfaces in white and bright neutral hues characterise the offering. Very much coming into its own, including in the children’s room, is the new trend colour grey.

With the trend toward high quality, sustainable furnishing, the furniture should be suitable for children, but no longer exceedingly colourful. Bright, friendly colours set the tone in the children’s room. In contrast, colourful accents are provided by wallpaper, wall paint and decorative pillows, ceilings or curtains – especially in fresh and friendly hues.

What are your kids looking for when buying children’s furniture? Share your experiences with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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