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FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo: Latin American trade fair duo confirms top position in the children’s outfitting segment

The trade fair duo from São Paulo of FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo once again achieved top points for its second joint edition at the end of May. More than 8,500 trade visitors from ten countries informed themselves about product innovations of the industry. The Latin American trade fairs thus achieved clear growth of 43.5 percent in comparison to the previous year.

FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo, 2017

In addition to Kind + Jugend, as well as the China Kids Expo, FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo will also be successfully organised by Koelnmesse. “The enthusiasm of our exhibitors and trade visitors at this year’s trade fair underlines the fact that, with the expertise of its leading trade fair Kind + Jugend and its global competence in the children’s segment, Koelnmesse offers companies a promising entry onto international markets,” emphasised Gerald Böse, President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH.

FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo, 2017


Especially due to the combination of both trade fairs, the offering covers the entire bandwidth of baby and children’s products. FIT 0/16, as the “International Trade Fair for Baby & Children’s Clothing”, presents the latest trends of the industry twice annually. With 49 editions, it is the largest and most traditional trade fair of Latin America for baby and children’s fashion. Pueri Expo, on the other hand, took place this year for the second time as a satellite event of the world’s leading trade fair Kind + Jugend. With a focus on children’s outfitting, it complements FIT 0/16 perfectly. This is also proven by the clear increase in exhibitor participation – the trade fairs registered 207 national and international exhibitors in 2017, and thus growth of 50 percent.

FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo, 2017


Much praise from all sides

Exhibitors and trade visitors praised the trade fair duo as a successful business platform for profitable contacts and reported good business transactions. The founder of the Swedish company Twistshake, Camillo Eriksson, credits Pueri Expo in combination with the established FIT 0/16 with a significance comparable to that of Kind + Jugend: “The two trade fairs have the same atmosphere. There is a great selection of products both in Brazil and in Germany. I don’t think there is another trade fair of such high quality in South America.” Already in the second edition, the trade fair duo has established itself as an obligatory event in the children’s segment in Latin America and is further extending its pole position on the market.

FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo, 2017


On the job worldwide for the industry

In addition to Brazil and Germany, Koelnmesse is also active in the children’s outfitting sector in China. China Kids Expo, which is organised annually by the Chinese association of industry and commerce China Toy & Juvenile Products Association and Koelnmesse, will once again take place this year one month after Kind + Jugend. From 18 to 20 October 2017, the organisers anticipate numbers of visitors similar to those of the previous year. In 2016 the leading B2B trade fair for children’s products in the Asia region drew more than 65,000 visitors to Shanghai.


FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo, 2017


How were your experiences at FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo? And have you already planned your next international trade fair visit? We look forward to receiving your reports!


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