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Recognised as sustainable: parents pay attention to this seal

The trend is toward sustainable products for children. This opens up good business opportunities for manufacturers and traders. With the precondition that recognised labels or certifications provide proof of the observance of high ecological and social standards.


Photo: Engel, Pfullingen

Organic vegetables, furniture made of natural wood, fairly produced toys: as far as their children are concerned, parents pay attention to quality, harmlessness to health, and increasingly to ecological and social sustainability. Food products, furniture and toys, as well as care products and clothing should be made of natural materials, be ecologically friendly and resource-efficient, be produced in observance of social standards and be traded fairly.

For the manufacturers of products for babies and children, this represents both an opportunity and a challenge, because business with sustainability is booming. An increasing number of consumers are prepared to spend more money for sustainable products, especially where the well-being of their offspring is concerned. However, at the same time they want to be sure and orient themselves when making purchases to Test seals and certifications which certify the observance of ecological and ethical standards. Here a few examples:

  • Labels across products:
    • Blue Angel” for environmentally-compatible products and services
    • Fair Trade” for fairly traded products
  • Furniture, decorating, toys:
    • FSC label for furniture and wood products from sustainable forestry
    • Goodweave certificate for carpets not produced with child labour
    • Fair spielt” for fair conditions in the manufacture of toys
  • Clothing, textiles:
  • Care products:
    • BDIH for controlled natural cosmetics
  • Food products:

And this is precisely where the challenge is found. In order to acquire one of the coveted sustainability labels for their products, manufacturers must reveal their entire value creation, process and delivery chain for scrutiny: from the procurement of the raw materials through production and processing to packaging and sales. As a trader, one is required to organise the assortment and the transport or shipping of goods sustainably. Honesty and maximum transparency are indispensable in communication with consumers. This involves effort and costs, but is worth it. This is because those who want to do good business with sustainable products must have the trust of consumers.


Photo: Engel, Pfullingen

The textile manufacturers Grünspecht and Engel Naturtextilien provide examples of how this can be done successfully. Both companies produce underwear and clothing for babies and children from natural raw materials and have been honoured for their high ecological and social standards with the certificate of the Global Organic Textile Standard. Especially Engel publishes a detailed list at its website of which raw materials are used. The Cologne children’s furniture manufacturer De Breuyn documents its commitment to sustainability in just as much detail. The company regularly compiles a CO₂and sustainability report. The wood used for the furniture is FSC-certified. Other certificates certify the non-toxicity of the products, packaging recycling and the use of green electricity. That creates a feeling of trust.

How important is the subject of sustainability to you? What experiences have you had with product labels and certifications? Was the effort worth it for you? And what do you recommend to companies that want to set themselves up to be more sustainable? We look forward to receiving your comments and contributions to the discussion.


4 responses to “Recognised as sustainable: parents pay attention to this seal”

  1. Hi I am quite interested in your all natural clothing for my retail store. I am owner of A New Leaf health food store in Beverly, Massachusetts USA
    Your concept in baby/children’s clothing it’s what I am looking for..
    Could you send me pictures of your baby clothing line?

    Thank you
    Laura Hillios
    A New Leaf
    978-239-9771 (cell)

    • Corinna Domnick says:

      Hello Laura,
      thanks for your message and your interest in Kind + Jugend trade fair!
      Can you please tell us to which producer you refer? Then we can try to connect you to the right exhibitor. Or do you mean all of them?

      Thanks and kind regards,
      Hanna from Kind + Jugend Social Media team

  2. Our store is on Facebook. A New Leaf Beverly Ma
    Look forward in hearing from you!:

    • Corinna Domnick says:

      Hello Laura,
      thanks for sharing – we follow you on Facebook now.

      Kind regards,
      Hanna from Kind + Jugend Social Media team

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