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Kind + Jugend wants to know … all about textile living for babies and toddlers – An interview with Trend Analyst Hannah Matthews from Trend Bible

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Textiles for babies and toddlers are one of the key topics at Kind + Jugend trade fair. They do not only decorate the children’s room, used properly, textile products also can create a fun and playful atmosphere. We conducted an interview with Hannah Matthews, Trend Analyst at Trend Bible, a home and interiors dedicated trend agency, working with inquisitive, recognised brands to predict change. At Kind + Jugend 2017 Hannah will also provide an exclusive insight into the latest kid’s trends in our Trend Forum. Furthermore, she creatively directs the Baby and Kid’s Lifestyle Trend books of the Trend Bible agency.


Hannah, how do you determine trends for textile living in the baby and toddler outfitting sector? What affects them?

Matthews: Our Trend Panels are a real catalyst for the start of each season. We invite influential thinkers, such as designers, academics, behavioural psychologists, to share with us their expert opinion on what’s driving change for the Baby and Kid’s lifestyle industry. We look at a broad range of sectors including education, parenting, childhood development, the art of play, the future of technology, health and nourishment, as all these can play a part in determining what’s driving a trend. This information is then clustered and distilled into commercially viable forecasts for babies and kids. We translate how each one will look in regard to print & pattern, materials & textiles, interiors and product direction.


Which trends and themed worlds are there for 2018?

Matthews: For Spring Summer 2018 there are several influences driving change in design for babies and kids. One of the key overarching themes is this need for pure, indulgent joy and immersive play. This positive energy takes over the home and you can see this reflected in our design themes for Spring/Summer 2018, with a real focus on creating a fun atmosphere every day through playful prints and joyful messages.

Escapism is another major influence for Spring/Summer 2018. Children switch off from the harsh realities of the real world and get lost in their imaginations. The rise in virtual and augmented reality helps to enhance this experience even more as designs are brought to life and new fantasy worlds discovered.


Which materials, patterns, colours or accessories characterise the themed worlds?

Matthews: Materials for Spring/Summer 2018 are all about creating really tactile and interesting surfaces through the use of embossed finishes, silicone and wood combinations and iridescent sheens. Print and pattern evokes a real sense of joy and escapism through cheerful messages and playful prints.


Are there different trend specifications depending on the age group?

Matthews: Our trend book covers the Baby and Kid’s market, so we always ensure that the stories have the ability to flex across baby, toddler and older kid’s markets. When researching we break it down into distinct age brackets, looking at how each trend works specifically for areas from baby food, tableware and the nursery, through to home décor, educational toys and gaming.


How do textile trends affect other product areas in the baby market?

Matthews: Often a particular print that we see featured on textiles will filter down into other baby products. Once people have adopted the print on textile products such as bedding, it starts to pick up pace and we see it used on baby feeding, packaging and inspiring product shape. The Spring/Summer 2017 cactus trend, as seen in stores at the moment, is a perfect example of how an icon can move from a print motif into products such as lighting and gifting.


What tips do you have to realise the textile trends in the own children’s room?

Matthews: There’s been a real a rise in neutral interiors for children’s bedrooms, with grey and white a key combination. These core shades act as perfect backdrop to easily introduce seasonal colours and key motifs to the room, be that through bedding and textiles or decorative accessories and furniture.


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