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Nominees of the Kids Design Award 2017 have been confirmed

Jeannine Szepanski (Germany)

Jeannine Szepanski (Germany)

In keeping with tradition, the Kids Design Award will this year also be conferred on the first day of the trade fair. A total of 10 product ideas and prototypes have made it to the short list for the award. For the first time this year, the Innovation Award and the Kids Design Award will be presented separately.

113 young designers from 18 different countries have come forward for this year’s Kids Design Award. From the many submissions, an expert jury selected ten convincing designs that were imaginative and pioneering, but not yet ready for trade on the market. The winner of the award will be honoured on 14 September at 1:00 p.m. in hall 10.1 in the Trend Forum, and all ten product ideas will also be presented to an international public in the Kids Design Award area in hall 11.1. In addition to winning the award, the nominated designers have the chance of being chosen for a product sponsorship by selected representatives of industry and commerce.

Viktoria Hagelberg (Germany)

Viktoria Hagelberg (Germany)

The nominees for the Kids Design Award at a glance:

  • Natalia Campos (Uruguay)
  • Valentin Dragomirescu (Germany), Shai Keren (Israel) and Nayoung Kim (South Korea)
  • Yujing Du (China)
  • Viktoria Hagelberg (Germany)
  • Hannah Neuß and Susanne Schlenther (Germany)
  • Victoria Palm and Tom Witschel (Germany)
  • Annette Payr (Germany)
  • Jeannine Szepanski (Germany)
  • Tobias Thomas (Germany)
  • Miyuki Uchida and Teppei Takahashi (Japan)

You can find more detailed information on the approved product groups and selection criteria at the website of the Kids Design Award.

Natalia Campos (Uruguay)

Natalia Campos (Uruguay)

The Innovation Award will be conferred on 14 September at 10:00 a.m. in hall 10.1

While the Innovation Award and the Kids Design Award were always presented together in past years, the award ceremonies will take place separately this year. The Innovation Award rewards the great joy in innovation of the baby and children’s outfitting industry. The winner’s seal in the eight award categories is in the meantime recognised as an important quality criterion and sales argument by the international trade. This year a total of 33 favourites were selected from 170 applications by a high quality jury.

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