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There has never been this much Kind + Jugend before!

Kind + Jugend 2016, Stand: UPPAbaby

Kind + Jugend 2016, Stand: UPPAbaby

An excellent mood and new records – that is what Kind + Jugend 2017, which starts on Thursday, is already promising. The international leading trade fair for baby and children’s outfitting is bigger than ever, is attracting more exhibitors and impressing everyone with a new visitor flow. The ongoing baby boom is getting the industry into the trade fair mood.

Ten percent more space, five percent more exhibitors: Kind + Jugend grows and grows. On exhibition space covering meanwhile 110,000 m² at the Cologne fair grounds, 1,232 exhibitors from 50 countries will present their products. Trade visitors can therefore look forward to even more new products, information and innovations.

The supporting programme has been expanded by numerous events, award ceremonies, as well as discussions and lectures in the Trend Forum. The expansion of the exhibition surface creates space for an optimised presentation of the individual product segments and thus a better overview for the visitors.

  • Hall 4.1.: Country pavilions (France, Great Britain, Russia, Spain) and children’s car seats and prams
  • Halls 10.2 and 11.3: Children’s car seats and prams as well as baby, children’s and maternal fashion
  • 2: Textiles, living, games/toys, learning, reading
  • 1: Children’s furniture, special “Connected Kidsroom” areas for digital products as well as “#DESIGNINFOCUS” for the design-oriented products of international manufacturers, i.e. furniture, carpets, wallpaper and decorations.
  • 2: Health, care, food, safety indoors

“There has never been this much Kind + Jugend before,” underlined Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse. “The leading international trade fair for baby and children’s outfitting covers the entire product portfolio. In this way, it sets benchmarks worldwide and demonstrates the high-quality diversity and innovative power of the industry.”

Kind + Jugend 2017 press conference, Kiddy GmbH “Evoluna i-Size 2”

Kind + Jugend 2017 press conference, Kiddy GmbH “Evoluna i-Size 2”

The industry is profiting from the baby boom

Concurrently with the start of the trade fair, the trade and manufacturers are delighted to hear doubly good news. Firstly, because the Germans are having more babies. 780,000 children were born up until September in 2016 – six percent more than for the same period of the previous year. Secondly, because parents are spending more money on their offspring: on average Euro 1,125.00 per child during the first three years of their lives. In 2016, this expenditure on baby and children’s outfitting totalled Euro 2.5 billion overall – four percent more than in 2015.

Among the most important growth segments are high-quality prams, in 2016 parents purchased 774,200 such prams – a two percent increase. The business with children’s car seats grew at the same rate. Here, parents are focusing more than ever on safety and are primarily choosing backward-facing seats with optimised impact protection. The business with children’s toys experienced above-average growth rates over the last years and is now tending to consolidate. In 2016, the increase in turnover overall was 3.6 percent, however for toys for under three year olds it was only 0.8 percent. The industry is promising a positive development in the digital toys sector as well as especially for digital baby phones and solutions for more safety in children’s rooms.

The children and youth’s furniture section is also showing positive development. It brought the retail trade an overall turnover volume of Euro 4.5 billion in 2016. Due to demographic reasons, the Association of the German Furniture Industry is expecting this positive development to continue.

Kind + Jugend 2017 press conference, Angelcare Monitors Inc "Angelcare AC417"

Kind + Jugend 2017 press conference, Angelcare Monitors Inc “Angelcare AC417”

More and more parents are buying baby and children’s clothing in second-hand shops or from exchange platforms. This is no doubt also due to the fact that this segment has not yet profited from the baby boom. Indeed the turnovers declined slightly: from Euro 2.7 million in 2015 down to Euro 2.6 million in 2016. On the other hand, the segment presented itself as extremely colourful and diversified. And since parents not only spoil their children with love, but more and more with beautiful things, the mood is optimistic overall.

How do you rate the development in the baby and children’s outfitting section? Which observations did you make at the trade fair? And what are your personal highlights?

We look forward to receiving your input.

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