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Trade fair review: please imitate quickly – a guest commentary by K.U.L.T.OBJEKT

Kind + Jugend 2017, Stand Alondra

Kind + Jugend 2017, Stand Alondra

“Isn’t that cute!” – The usual, spontaneous impulse when looking at many products for kids doesn’t overcome only parents and expecting parents; it is a completely arbitrary human reaction. However, why does precisely this reaction have so little influence on the sale of children’s items at the point of sale? Jens Fischer, CEO K.U.L.T.OBJEKT brands and experience architecture, asks himself this question.

Kind + Jugend is now behind us, and with it an exhibition of product worlds that couldn’t be more emotional. Baby bibs and children’s beds are usually inherently cute. Customers, meaning mothers, parents, expecting parents, expecting and already grandparents, also find themselves in a highly emotional phase, in perhaps one of the most moving emotional situations of their lives. Instead of provoking this exceptional situation entirely consciously at the PoS, they are often dragged down by hard facts there. Instead of emotionally soaring even higher when shopping in children’s stores, a not very gentle landing in the here and now is generally forced: marketing in the children’s accessories market all too often speaks only to reason, while there is hardly a trace of imaginative, stimulating storytelling.

At the same time, many manufacturer brands and suppliers are demonstrating to their trading partners how storytelling takes place with emotional staging of products. The past Kind + Jugend proved this impressively with its more than 1,000 exhibitors: grandiose products with a high degree of sophistication in terms of technical aspects, quality and design were presented in such a way that a film unavoidably began to play in the imaginations of visitors. “Isn’t that adorable!” is also something that we heard passing our lips more than once. – That’s the moment when the emotional ego of the customer takes the helm. The moment in which reason takes a break and the I-want-that effect springs into action. The moment in which the customer opens his or her wallet, happily and without regret, because they are giving their child, and especially themselves, a piece of happiness.

The retail trade should train its eye and heart with an aim at increasing its own sensitivity to the emotional side of an assortment. We have compiled especially successful product worlds here in a photo gallery as a stimulating training unit.

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