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Children’s car seats and baby carriers: safety has the right of way

Dorel / Maxi-Cosi

Dorel / Maxi-Cosi

Children are increasingly being brought to school, kindergarten and to sports and friends in the car. Safety is thus of utmost importance for parents. They make the highest demands upon baby carriers and children’s car seats.

The more children are transported by car, the stronger the growth in sales of children’s car seats.In the past year, parents in Germany purchased more than 2.4 million seats and baby carriers – two percent more than in 2015. In addition to classic, forward-facing seats, especially backward-facing reboarders have also shown a strong increase in demand in recent years. They distribute force resulting from a collision in such a way that the sensitive head and neck areas are especially well-protected. Since the introduction of the i-size standard (ECE R129) for children’s car seats, reboarders are compulsory for children up to 15 months of age. In addition to this, the standard also calls for secure fastening with ISOFIX, as well as front and side collision protection subject to strict testing.

World premiere: airbags for the children’s car seat

New children’s car seats may no longer be sold in the EU without the orange i-Size test label. However, if you want to convince especially safety-conscious parents, you need to go beyond the statutory requirements. Like, for example, Maxi-Cosi. The company tests the safety of its children’s car seats under intensified conditions, as well as the ergonomics and durability of the materials used. The company equipped its new product AxissFix Air with two airbags integrated into the shoulder rests that reduce the impact force of a collision by 55 percent. The triggering system reacts in a fraction of a second. The air is discharged from the airbags shortly after impact, so that the head of the child is gently cushioned.



HTS BeSafe AS, the winner of the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award in the category “World of Travelling Kids”, on the other hand, trusts in a special waist belt system. The BeSafe iZi Flex FIX children’s car seat of the Norwegian manufacturer also addresses the needs of parents with several children, because it enables the transport of up to three children sitting next to one another.

Safety is the most important purchase criterion for parents. They also pay attention to easy handling and ergonomics – of course the little ones should be comfortable, especially on longer journeys. Here is where the Evoluna i-Size baby shell from Kiddy scores points. The successor model of the Evoluna i-Size tested with the best mark of 1.5 by Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC was nominated this year for the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award. Thanks to the patented Lie-Flat technology, babies can be transported in a lying position that is especially gentle for the back. Additional side impact protection units ensure maximum safety.



Manufacturers must advance innovations

Despite all innovations with regard to safety and ergonomics, in 2015, more than 10,000 children were injured or killed in road traffic as car passengers in Germany alone. A terribly high number, which makes clear how important it is to continuously further develop and optimise safety solutions for children. The manufacturers play a central role in this process. “While the transport safety of adults in motor vehicles has improved consistently over decades, the safety of children in cars depends for the most part upon legislation for children’s car seats and upon experts. New innovations must therefore come from the industry”, says Michael Neumann, Managing Director at Dorel / Maxi-Cosi.


What do you think? Which innovations can further improve the safety of children, and create new market opportunities? What do your customers expect? Share your experiences with us.

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