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Continually lighter, more flexible, smarter: Unlimitedly mobile with children

Maxi Cosi – Adorra

Maxi Cosi – Adorra

Modern millennial parents place great value on mobility. They place similarly high demands for prams as when buying a car. Companies that want to convince this target group have to offer maximum quantity and flexibility, simple operation and stylish design. Small electrically operated companions are on trend.

The millennials are having children – and like every generation of parents – they have their own idea about what it means to be a mum and dad. They still want to indulge in their urban lifestyle with children: Work, even also abroad, travel, go out, do sports, art and enjoy – and ideally their offspring is always on board.

As extremely active family mothers and fathers, millennial parents have high demands in prams: Maximum flexibility, optimum functionality, simple operation and a chic design are indispensable. Nothing is left to chance when selecting the appropriate vehicle that facilitates keeping mobile with a child.

High demands in comfort and safety

The means of transport for the minis should be lightweight and agile, easy to fold open and closed, when moving from the street to the car. Keen attention is paid to the safety and health aspects of all parts; here the parents more and more frequently orientate themselves on the results of the relevant product tests and test seals such as GS, TÜV (technichal inspection authority) and the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for textiles.

Further demands: The baby should always lie warm and comfortably. The pram should be as equally suitable for shopping tours in the city as for lengthy strolls. Here modern parents pay great attention to intelligent storage compartments and amply stowage space. The tyres can be gladly filled with air so that the vehicle also runs smoothly offroad without the child being shaken about.

Babyjogger – City Select Lux

Babyjogger – City Select Lux

3-in-1 travel systems: growable pram combos

3-in-1 travel systems that grow with the little ones, which can be easily transformed from a baby carrier, to a toddler’s pram and finally into a buggy, are practical and thus very popular. Parents are quite prepared to shell out Euro 1,000.00 or even more for particularly comfortable luxurious models. However, the majority prefer the more favourably-priced lifestyle models that can gladly be equipped with a few luxurious details – such as for example the Adorra by Maxi Cosi, which goes down well with its compact dimensions, good manoeuvrability and high comfort. The combo pram can be used from birth up until kindergarten age.

Even as parents, the demanding millennials don’t want to have do without their sport. For jogging or inline skating with the baby they choose three-wheeled joggers with a good suspension, which are geared up for a higher speed since they are equipped with an extra brake. Models like the City Select Lux by Babyjogger are even suitable for family outings. Because the sporty racer grows with the family and can be transformed from a pram for one into a vehicle for up to three children.

Smart prams are on their way

Hardly any other generation of parents is as open-minded towards intelligent innovations as the millennials. Sustainable electromobility is a major topic for them – and not only in terms of the car. The Heetee Power System of the Heetee Baby Company will no doubt find numerous fans among this target group. Because the comfortable Winner of the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2017 in the category “World of Moving Kids” uses the energy generated by pushing it for the integrated heated seat. Alternatively, it can be used to warm the baby’s bottle or charge the mobile phone.


How do you rate your customers’ interest in smart prams? Which models do parents prefer in your opinion – and what do they want? Share your experiences with us!

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