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Kind + Jugend wants to know … textile trends in the baby and toddlers outfitting segment – an interview with Hannah Matthews from the Trend Bible agency

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Kind + Jugend informs annually about the latest trends of the industry. In this context, it is primarily also home textiles that are of special importance. For one thing, they serve as decoration in the baby and children’s room, but at the same time they also contribute to children feeling at home in their own realm. We spoke with Hannah Matthews from Trend Bible, a trend agency focusing on living and interiors, that forecasts future developments on behalf of foresighted brand companies. In addition to her activity as a trend analyst, Hannah heads the production and publishing of the baby & kids trend books of the agency. In the context of the Trend Forum of Kind + Jugend 2018, she will tell us more about the trends of the coming year; she has already provided us with some insight. 


Kind + Jugend is shaped by the trends of the coming year – which trends can we look forward to at this year’s fair and consequently in 2019?

Matthews: For Spring Summer 2019 we see parents adopt a more open and honest mindset as they look to help their children understand bigger world issues rather than shield them from them. Mess and chaos are embraced, helping to build resilience in children and prepare them for the unstructured chaos of the real world. The home becomes a place for learning, experimenting and discovery and manifests in two ways this season; through immersive interiors that seek to stimulate and educate; and simpler, pared back designs to remove unnecessary distraction and nurture imaginations.

Which factors influence trends for home textiles in childrens’ rooms? How are these trends identified?

Matthews: An essentialist attitude purveyed by Northern European social influencers has definitely inspired children’s interiors. The pared back, considered aesthetic, combined with the growing sophistication evidenced in children’s interiors, means parents are looking for children’s products and textiles that fit seamlessly within the entire home.

Are there certain materials, colours or patterns that play a crucial role in the 2019 trends?

Matthews: For Spring / Summer 2019 helping to create a real sensory experience for little ones is key; with surfaces that adapt and change to things such as light, heat and touch. Natural, untreated fabrics also play a crucial role, as a handcrafted aesthetic and sustainable approach to materials becomes increasingly important. In print and pattern, playful messages remind children to have fun, embrace mess and look after the world around us, while hand painted patterns and mark making prints celebrate imperfections. In colour, the cool grey we have been so used to seeing in the nursery evolves into a palette of warmer, oatmeal neutrals and soft, putty shades.

Trends 2019 – photo: Trend Bible

Trends 2019 – photo: Trend Bible

If it was about your own child, how would you personally bring certain trends to life? How does a modern children’s room look in your opinion?

Matthews: For me, the key to creating modern children’s interiors is finding the balance between function, style and personality. It’s a child’s bedroom so somewhere that sparks imagination but also somewhere that is comforting, warm and soothing. Open shelves are a great way of displaying cherished toys and books as well as more trend led decorative pieces. Cushions and throws can add comfort to the space but are also an affordable way of injecting seasonal trends.

Judging from your experience, where lies the challenge in furnishing a children’s room in line with the current trend?

Matthews: The challenge for many people is not knowing how to remain ‘on trend’ without completely revamping the bedroom each season. Neutrals are a great way to combat this as they act as the perfect backdrop to easily introduce seasonal colours and key motifs into the room, be that through bedding, textiles or decorative accessories.

Can you give us an idea of the direction in which the industry’s trends will develop in the future?

Matthews: Whilst minimalism is still a popular choice, we’re starting to see a shift from pared back spaces to more heavily decorated bedrooms that provide fun, comfort and warmth for little ones. With this we’ll see more playful and experimental products, surfaces and prints for children’s interiors and the wider home.

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