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Sleeping bags – a guest commentary by Kids Interiors


Good night sleep is one of the most precious luxuries for both new parents’ and their petite bundles of love. Like late night feedings and colics aren’t exhausting enough, even the tiniest of infants move around in their sleep, constantly pushing blankets off their temperature-sensitive bodies.

But keeping newborns warm and cosy while asleep is crucial!Due to extremely low levels of body fat, their fragile little bodies are incapable of regulating their own temperature, which makes exposing them to cool environments very dangerous to their health.

Any parent can approve that constantly getting up to check if the baby has lost its blanket can be a mission impossible regardless of the level of commitment they are willing to put to the task.

And this is where sleeping bags come to the rescue!

Introduced more than a century ago, sleeping bags for babies (or baby sleeping sacks as they were often called back then) provide a smart solution to this critical family issue. Compared to an age-old technique of swaddling, this genius invention allows baby to move during the night and doesn’t interfere with its development, while at the same time keeping it snug as a bug. And that also means a better chance for a decent, interruption-free sleep for the whole family.

But there is one more crucial benefit of opting for a sleeping bag we need to mention here. Studies have shown a significant decrease of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) rates since sleeping bags have been adopted into use. With a sleeping bag there is no need for any extra fabrics or items in the cot, which could potentially endanger the child. Just a warm and comfy cocoon for a growing little dreamer.

Of course, not all sleeping bags are created equal, and if it is time to choose the one for your kiddo, be sure to make an educated decision.

Keep in mind the temperature of the room where the child will be sleeping. It is not just cold you should avoid, but overheating too. The manufacturers made this problem easy to overcome as they provide the appropriate fabrics for each climate and season. Just remember that the optimal temperature for the nursery is 16-20 degrees.

Besides the thermal comfort, there are few other things to keep in mind. Like how easy it is to pop the baby into and out of the bag. This feature becomes extremely important the moment you need to change the nappy during the night in very poor lighting conditions.

Koeka - Sleeping bag Madrid

Koeka – Sleeping bag Madrid

But sleeping bags are not just for babies. Toddlers can benefit from their use as well. Restless sleepers and curious little feet can be tamed and stopped from falling out of the bed (or at least slowed down) by these wonder bags. But if you want your little munchkin snug till dawn, be sure to get the right size and shape. Standardized European TOG rating system can help you get what you need with ease, just keep in mind that not all manufacturers use a tog rating as their norm.


We saved the best for the very end! Kids Interiors dug deep into the market and came up with our favourite picks we know your kids would love!

1. KOEKA – Sleeping bag Madrid
2. BEMINI – Magic Bag
3. BAMBOOM – Sleepingbag Mini
4. JOLLEIN – 4 seasons 
5. GLORIOUS LOU – Summer sleeping bag (part of the set)
6. BABY’S ONLY – Cable Mint
7. BABIMEX Plum Plum – Pink Gnome

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