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Digital guardian angel: smart tools for children’s safety and all-round monitoring

Smart Nursery – Motorola Baby Binatone Communications Europe

Smart Nursery – Motorola Baby Binatone Communications Europe

Smart technology helps parents make their home safe for children and have an eye on the well-being of the little ones around the clock, even when they aren’t sitting next to you. Digital tools that prevent accidents, create an atmosphere of well-being and provide parents and children with a feeling of security are in demand like never before. Manufacturers and traders profit from attractive chances.

Children are born explorers. Full of curiosity and a zest for action, hey explore their environment, stick their little noses into every cupboard and sometimes even their fingers into a wall socket. No wonder parents hear alarm bells when their kids are searching for adventure and try out everything they get their hands on.

Especially in the household there are many dangers, but, thanks to smart technology, parents can remain completely relaxed – even when their children aren’t right in front of them. This is because all kinds of digital tools help avoid accidents and risks: electrical sockets with contact protection and residual current operated devices integrated into the smart home protect curious toddlers from electrical shocks. Central regulators for home automation make it possible to interrupt the power supply of individual household devices, for example, of washing machines or mixers.

Philips Smart Babyphone SCD 870 – © Philips

Philips Smart Babyphone SCD 870 – © Philips


With modern sensor technology against monsters behind the cabinet

In the intelligently networked home, movement sensors on stairs, windows or balcony doors raise the alarm as soon as little explorers come close to an area where they can fall. Lighting technology coupled with movement sensors ensures that the little ones can find their way to mommy and daddy in the night without falling down in the dark or being afraid. To this purpose, sensors in the hallway detect movements and automatically activate the light. In the children’s room, intelligent lighting regulating helps the little ones get over their fear of the monsters behind the cabinet doors in that the light automatically switches on as soon as the child climbs out of bed.
The (child-)safe home of course also includes a smoke detector prescribed by law, which warns when the little ones are playing with a lighter. When several smoke detectors are networked by radio signals via the smart home control system, they trigger alarms everywhere simultaneously, so that a fire can be extinguished quickly in an emergency before it spreads.

Hygro+ Air dispenser - © Babymoov

Hygro+ air humidifier – © Babymoov

An atmoshere of well-being for the children’s room 2.0

It doesn’t have to be a fire or the dangerous accumulation of smoke; even poor room air can impair the well-being of children. Digital sensors also contribute by continually measuring the CO2 concentration or the air humidity in the room. A signal prompts ventilation when predefined limit values are fallen below or exceeded.

Such room air sensors are often a component of comprehensive smart nursery systems that have become indispensable fro the children’s room 2.0. App-controlled solutions like Philips Avents Smart Babyphone SCD 870 monitor the little ones per baby videophone. They ensure a healthy room air balance, play lullabies as requested and gently accompany babies to sleep with a multi-coloured nightlight. Smart Nursery 7, the program from Motorola even supports the regulating of air humidity with an integrated air and water filter. Babymoov offers an air humidifier for the nursery that improves breathing and quality of sleep, also available as a stand-alone device.

Baby Wearables, the latest trend in the digital children’s room, go even further: infant clothing, sleep mats or armbands equipped with digital sensor technology provide permanent data on the state of your little treasure on the parents’ smartphones. To this purpose, they measure the body temperature, register the pulse, breathing or movements and signalise when the diaper is full. The latest devices are said to even be able to detect whether the little one is in a good or a bad mood.


Which safety and monitoring tools do your customers ask for? Which functions do they wish for the future? Share your experiences with us!
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