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Retro cabinets for high-tech toys

Alvi children’s bed “Jens” – © Alvi

Digitalisation has long since conquered the world of children: electronic toys and digital guardian angels are transforming children’s rooms into smart rooms. However, nostalgia prevails around this: with furniture in vintage look, pink wallpaper for girls and blue bed linen for boys.

Robot sets, animated teddy bears, 3D Entertainment – digital toys are getting more popular all the time. But where do the smart toys go in the evening? For example, into vintage dressers and cabinets that look like they come from grandmother’s time. And their little owners are gently put to bed in children’s beds like “Jens” from Alvi in sixties style or in the Babsi bassinet from Schardt with little sheep and a dreamy sky. Also very popular are items of furniture in Scandinavian design and with a natural look, like those offered by Geuther and the Spanish manufacturer Nobodinoz.

While high-tech toys are on the march, parents look to nature and retro charm for children’s room furnishings. “Parents want to protect their little ones and give them a feeling of safety: dreamy furnishing with furniture in playful shapes and gentle, warm colours convey a feeling of security. They create a place to retreat to in contrast with the dangerous outside world”, is how Ursula Geismann, trend analyst of Federal Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM), explains the new romanticism in the childen’s room.

Geuther Bambino bench – © Geuther

Gentle pastel shades for harmonious nostalgia rooms

The need for a feeling of safety and harmony is also clear when selecting colours for the children’s room: garishly colourful is out. In addition to the perennial white, natural shades and especially gentle pastel colours are experiencing increasing popularity. Why is this? Where their children are concerned, parents may be more conservative than in other matters, say experts like Ursula Geismann.

Perhaps a more conservative attitude that appreciates durability and solidity might also be the reason that parents are increasingly choosing high quality and timeless furniture made of real wood for their children, which can then be appreciated in another function when their time in the children’s room comes to an end. Thus, for example, the Pan diaper changing unit from Pinolino is moved to the hallway without the removable attachment when the child no longer wears diapers, and is then used to store scarves and umbrellas.

This is matched by the trend of many years now toward multifunctional furniture that grows with the child, like the Bambino bench from Geuther, which also serves as a chest. The Cologne joiner Jörg Bünger has developed a modular system revolving around his robhoc stool with height adjustment that transforms the seating into castles, slides and other play furniture, which promotes both the imagination and agility.

Tepee Phoenix – Nobodinoz

By the way: those who are often active in the social media may also be familiar with this retro trend: tepees laid out with (artificial) fur and stuffed animals, which become comfy cuddle caves for the little ones.


Do your customers also follow the retro trend for the children’s room? Which furniture do they choose? And do they actually prefer pnk for girls and blue for boys? Share your experiences with us!

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