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Practical and stylish changing tables – Guest post by Kids Interiors

Schardt wardrobe with a changing table Holly - © Schardt

Schardt wardrobe with a changing table “Holly” – © Schardt

Even though their list of questions could easily fill up a book, parents-to-be usually find themselves in a dilemma – do we need a changing table? The answer is no. You don’t need it. But you most certainly want it!

Changing tables are a relatively new invention on the market, but the help they are providing to families is immense! Sure, it is possible to change the nappy on any improvised surface (as long as it is safe), but any parent can confirm that having a dedicated changing station is a true game changer!

There are many different types of changing units, and as long as their security and sturdiness rank supreme (and you are constantly keeping an eye on the baby) there is no good or bad choice. What will work best for you depends on your family lifestyle and personal preferences. Luckily, there are some very creative minds behind kids’ brands who always happen to find a way to meet our needs even before we become aware of them.

With so many options available and so wide pricing range, choosing the changing table for your baby can be a daunting task. And this is where Kids Interiors comes to the rescue! We rounded up the list of our favourite changing units that are both practical and stylish.


SCHARDT – Wardrobe with a Changing Table HOLLY

Schardt created a true eye candy with this modern looking changing table with flexible storage. Two open compartments and two self-closing drawers will provide enough space for storing not only nappy changing essentials, but the rest of your kid’s clothes.


"Royal Chest" by Kidsmill - © Kidsmill

“Royal Chest” by Kidsmill – © Kidsmill

KIDSMILL – Royal Chest

Royal Chest brings at your fingertips everything you need for a royal nappy changing experience. With plenty of space to change your little one and so much room for storage, Kidsmill got you covered for years. And when you no longer need a changing unit, this elegant dresser will easily find its place in any room of the house.


Dresser changer by Vox - © Vox

Dresser changer by Vox – © Vox

Vox – Dresser Changer

This universal piece of furniture from VOX acts primarily as a changing table with a spacious drawer, but can easily be re-used as a desk, dresser, or a drawer after it has done its duty. Just remove the changing table topper, or the lower desk (depending on its future role), and the transformation is complete.


Broadway by Hugs Factory - © Hugs Factory

Broadway by Hugs Factory – © Hugs Factory


From changing table to a desk or even blackboard, the impressive Broadway from Hugs Factory will be following your little ones all the way through their childhoods. It’ not only practical, it’s fun and educational too!


Baby Changing Cabinet by Isle of Dogs Design - © Isle of Dogs

Baby Changing Cabinet by Isle of Dogs Design – © Isle of Dogs

ISLE OF DOGS DESIGN – Baby Changing Cabinet

This gorgeous neutral cabinet with a removable changing board can fit perfectly in almost any nursery! You can choose from a number of beautifully hand-painted motifs or opt for a plain and neutral white one to play with it any way you wish.


SO:LO by Kukuu - © Kukuu

SO:LO by Kukuu – © Kukuu


This award-winning innovative piece of furniture from KUKUU will not only grow with your child but also assist you in raising an eco-aware and caring person, with a deep love for the planet and its inhabitants. SO:LO is not only made from sustainable materials, but also comes with an important story – if we make a choice to invest in the quality workhorse piece of furniture, it will serve us for many, many years. And talk about its design!


Cabby 3 Drawer Unit with Changing table by Flexa - © Flexa

Cabby 3 Drawer Unit with Changing table by Flexa – © Flexa

FLEXA – Cabby 3 Drawer Unit with Changing table

Designed with functionality in mind, this three-door dresser can easily be optimised to become a changing table. As usual, Flexa made Cabby simple, aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality.


Baby Changing Unit by Lifetime Kidsrooms - © Lifetime Kodsrooms

Baby Changing Unit by Lifetime Kidsrooms – © Lifetime Kodsrooms


This practical transformer can serve as a cute-looking changing table with handy drawers for all the baby stuff, or later on as a junior desk. All you need for the transition is a pair of semi-skilfull hands and a few minutes to spare.

And if you are still in a dilemma whether or not to purchase a changing table, this comprehensive article by Kids Interiors will help you make the right choice.

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