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Kind + Jugend is asking … an interview with Yujing Du, winner of the Kids Design Award 2017

Yujing Du, winner of the Kids Design Award 2017 – © Yujing Du

The Kids Design Award 2017 set a new record with 113 applications from 18 different countries. The young Chinese woman Yujing Du was chosen the shining winner with her product “Behind the Mountains” which she developed as part of a product design seminar at Münster School of Design (FH Münster). In an interview with Kind + Jugend, she tells what has happened since then.

In 2017 you won the Kids Design Award with “Behind the Mountains”. What is special about this product? What distinguishes it?

The “Behind the Mountains” swivel chair is a combination of seat and play surface. The motif of an idyllic and colourful meadow, lake and mountain landscape is designed from the subjective perspective of children. A simple swivel joint offers the possibility to move the two-piece construction so that children can be alone in their own little world, protected by the mountains, while adults can always look inside from the outside.

What inspired you to “Behind the Mountains”?

One of the happiest experiences and most beautiful memories of my childhood are the holidays with my parents. The pictures of the wonderful nature with its meadows, lakes and mountains are fixed in my head. Thus the idea was born to bring children an idyllic landscape into their home. Form – reduction to the essentials – and colours – vivid – should reflect the children’s view of the world.

“Behind the Mountains” – © Yujing Du

What has changed for you since you won the award? Have you been able to win a product sponsor and successfully position your product on the market?

Since I had to take care of my bachelor project after winning the award, I haven’t yet found the time to bring the product to market. But various design platforms such as “Afilii-Design for Kids” have already noticed my product and offered to present “Behind the Mountains”. I was also invited to exhibit my product at other fairs.

What do you think makes good design for children?

Concerning function: it’s important to stay as simple as possible. Concerning look: communication through form.

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