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Nursery Trends 2019 – a guest commentary by Kids Interiors

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With a holiday season behind us, it is high time to start talking about nursery trend predictions for 2019 and discover what we can expect to see in children’s rooms in the months ahead. Traditionally, we asked Kids Interiors for their forecast on the direction nurseries are heading this season. As they are constantly searching high and low to discover the best kids’ designs and kids’ rooms out there, make sure to keep notes as you follow along!

With a new decade at our doorsteps, we are starting to rethink our lifestyles and the way we live in our homes. We are heading towards revolutionary times, with family being at their very center.

A new optimism is gaining roots and finding its way into the baby nursery design. Aesthetics will be cheerful and celebrate the saying less rules = more fun.

Embracing imperfections, unique solutions and heirloom pieces will bring together the old with the new to make a strong nostalgic statement in modern nurseries. This is particularly true for rattan which will become the trendiest material in kids’ rooms in 2019. When shopping for furniture, parents will be looking for fine craftsmanship and elaborate details.

Maximalism with both decor and toys will inspire unlimited play and say goodbye to a tidy and clean look in nursery rooms.

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Scandinavian nurseries will remain a synonym for beautiful design, but in 2019 we will see them turn mysterious. Dark, muted tones will dominate the vintage-inspired look and host mesmerising fantasy worlds with a whole range of magical creatures and their epic storylines.

© @fannyob

Adventures in the nursery

Exotic animals will bring the adventure inside by combining them with leafy and wildlife motifs that are still going strong from the past year.

© @hyggeandwest

Roses have for long been considered an outdated and kitsch décor feature, but will be a big hit for the year – look for oversized wall decals, wallpapers, garlands, wreaths or beautiful handmade paper wall décor.

© @misskyreeloves

Colour trends: mature and earty tones

Pink is still popular, but it is now showing signs of discretion. An attention grabber for a few seasons back, pink is now dusty and combines perfectly with ivory and beige as well as vintage style pieces. Nursery colour trends for 2019 will follow the direction of the rooms for adults. Mature and earthy tones will further develop a dreamy retro look while giving it a modern twist. Subtle pops of colour, especially optimistic yellow, will be a preferred way for adding interest to neutral settings and liven them up a little.

To learn more about the nursery trend predictions for 2019, head over to Kids Interiors and read the comprehensive analysis, backed up with more gorgeous imagery.

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