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Kind + Jugend wants to know … trends in the early childhood education – An interview with Toby Mather from Lingumi

The early childhood education is one important topic at Kind + Jugend trade fair every year. We spoke to Toby Mather, co-founder of Lingumi, a pre-school language learning method that teaches children a language using an academic methodology.  

Toby Mather is the co-founder of Lingumi, a connected toy that teaches children a language using an academic methodology

1. What are the trends / developments in the early childhood education?

Learning is definitely a big trend. Old-style plastic toys are going out, and being replaced with carefully designed products from smaller brands. weiterlesen…

Recognised as sustainable: parents pay attention to this seal

The trend is toward sustainable products for children. This opens up good business opportunities for manufacturers and traders. With the precondition that recognised labels or certifications provide proof of the observance of high ecological and social standards.


Photo: Engel, Pfullingen

Organic vegetables, furniture made of natural wood, fairly produced toys: as far as their children are concerned, parents pay attention to quality, harmlessness to health, and increasingly to ecological and social sustainability. weiterlesen…

FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo: Latin American trade fair duo confirms top position in the children’s outfitting segment

The trade fair duo from São Paulo of FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo once again achieved top points for its second joint edition at the end of May. More than 8,500 trade visitors from ten countries informed themselves about product innovations of the industry. The Latin American trade fairs thus achieved clear growth of 43.5 percent in comparison to the previous year.

FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo, 2017

In addition to Kind + Jugend, as well as the China Kids Expo, FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo will also be successfully organised by Koelnmesse. weiterlesen…

Kind + Jugend is asking… an interview with Annika Marie Buchberger, winner of the Kids Design Award 2015

Annika Marie Buchberger developed the children’s furniture series “Ausgewachsen” (grown out) in the context of her final project for her course of studies. With this idea, the young designer from Cuxhaven was able to prevail against around 250 other creative designs and has now produced “Ausgewachsen” in series within the framework of a product sponsorship with the children’s furniture manufacturer Jörg de Breuyn. In an interview with Kind + Jugend, she tells what has happened since then.

Annika Marie Buchberger, winner of Kids Design Award 2015

Annika Marie Buchberger, winner of Kids Design Award 2015

In 2015 you won the Kids Design Award with your furniture series “Ausgewachsen”. What was special about these products? What distinguishes them?

What is special about “Ausgewachsen” is its ability to transform. weiterlesen…

Children’s furniture trends 2017: Parents are digging deeper into the pocketbook for high quality and design

Parents are paying increasing attention to quality, safety and ecology when furnishing children’s rooms. Still very popular are multi-functional and mobile pieces of furniture, as well as high quality design, preferably bright, neutral hues, or the new trend colour grey.

Kind + Jugend 2016. Leander, Hall 11.1

Kind + Jugend 2016. Leander, Hall 11.1

Only the best for the little ones. Where items of furniture and room decoration for the little ones are concerned, parents attach the greatest importance to quality, safety, comfort and sustainability. weiterlesen…

Kind + Jugend 2017 with more exhibition space and a new special theme

A larger area and a more diverse offering: this year Kind + Jugend has all kinds of new features that are guaranteed to make a visit to the trade fair an even more exciting experience. The focus is on high quality design and decoration products, as well as on a new special area for the digital children’s room.

Kind + Jugend 2016: Philip Avent.

Kind + Jugend 2016: Philip Avent.

Kind + Jugend has been growing continually for years. High time for an expansion: this year we are expanding the exhibition space from 100,000 m² to 110,000 m².


Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2017 is looking for the most exciting products for babies and toddlers

Here we go again! The Innovation Award is calling for exceptional and innovative products from the children and baby outfitting segment. Effective immediately, young manufacturers from around the world can apply for the coveted honour. The best products will be distinguished with the renowned award seal and presented at the next Kind + Jugend from 14-17 September in Cologne.

Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2017

Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2017

The Innovation Award honours exceptional products and further developments from the children and baby outfitting segment that have already reached market maturity. weiterlesen…

In search of young designers: the Kids Design Award is starting the fourth round

The starting shot for the fourth edition of the Kids Design Award 2017 has been fired: Effective immediately, young designers from around the world can apply for the coveted honour. Applications will be accepted until 29 May 2017. The best designs will be presented to an international public at Kind + Jugend 2017 (14-17 September 2017).

Kids Design Award 2017

Kids Design Award 2017

With the Kids Design Award, Kind + Jugend and Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) promote young designers and future-oriented ideas, as well as product concepts that are not yet commercially available.


Kind + Jugend wants to know… – an interview with Whisbear

Julia Sielicka-Jastrzębska and Zuzanna Sielicka-Kalczyńska are the founders of Whisbear®, an innovative sleep aid. Based on their own experience as mothers, they have designed a product aimed to help newborns with a smooth transition from a prenatal to postnatal life by recreating soothing sounds of the womb. Last year, they received the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award for this innocative product in the category „World of Toys”. Now, Kind + Jugend asked the two sisters why Whisbear is so special and what difference the visit of the fair has made for their business.

Whisbear, Winner of the Innovation Award 2016

Whisbear, Winner of the Innovation Award 2016

Could tell us, what kind of product you offer and how everything started?

Julia : What we offer is a little bit of support for parents when they face this new fascinating but at the same time challenging day-to-day life of a family with a new-born baby! weiterlesen…

Kind + Jugend wants to know … “The connected store” – an interview with Dominik Brokelmann from distributor Brodos

Stationary and online commerce have different advantages and disadvantages. Both want to bind customers to them and are engaged in a “battle of the channels”. We spoke with Dominik Brokelmann, CEO of the distributor Brodos, who offers an approach to a solution with his “connected store”. In the interview he explains how the future of stationary commerce might look.

Dominik Brokelmann, CEO at Brodos – photo: Brodos

Dominik Brokelmann, CEO at Brodos – photo: Brodos

1. At this year’s Kind + Jugend your company spoke of the “battle of the channels” between stationary and online commerce. What does this battle look like?

Both stationary and online – both channels have their advantages. In the store the customer can consult with the specialist, a pre-selected assortment is available to take away immediately and shopping in itself is an experience. weiterlesen…

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