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Kind + Jugend is asking … an interview with Yujing Du, winner of the Kids Design Award 2017

Yujing Du, winner of the Kids Design Award 2017 – © Yujing Du

The Kids Design Award 2017 set a new record with 113 applications from 18 different countries. The young Chinese woman Yujing Du was chosen the shining winner with her product “Behind the Mountains” which she developed as part of a product design seminar at Münster School of Design (FH Münster). In an interview with Kind + Jugend, she tells what has happened since then.


Science fiction in the cradle: Will robots become our children’s new playmates?

Alilo Honey Bunny – © Alilo

Thanks to voice control and digitally networked technologies, the internet of things has long since arrived in children’s rooms. Digital nannies and Smart Nursery Tools are showing up around the cradle and crib. And more and more, babies are no longer cuddling with silent bunnies and dolls but robots disguised as stuffed animals. Find out more about the trends in smart toys.


Practical and stylish changing tables – Guest post by Kids Interiors

Schardt wardrobe with a changing table Holly - © Schardt

Schardt wardrobe with a changing table “Holly” – © Schardt

Even though their list of questions could easily fill up a book, parents-to-be usually find themselves in a dilemma – do we need a changing table? The answer is no. You don’t need it. But you most certainly want it! (more…)

Retro cabinets for high-tech toys

Alvi children’s bed “Jens” – © Alvi

Digitalisation has long since conquered the world of children: electronic toys and digital guardian angels are transforming children’s rooms into smart rooms. However, nostalgia prevails around this: with furniture in vintage look, pink wallpaper for girls and blue bed linen for boys. (more…)

Digital guardian angel: smart tools for children’s safety and all-round monitoring

Smart Nursery – Motorola Baby Binatone Communications Europe

Smart Nursery – Motorola Baby Binatone Communications Europe

Smart technology helps parents make their home safe for children and have an eye on the well-being of the little ones around the clock, even when they aren’t sitting next to you. Digital tools that prevent accidents, create an atmosphere of well-being and provide parents and children with a feeling of security are in demand like never before. Manufacturers and traders profit from attractive chances. (more…)

Big business for little consumers: Latin American trade fair duo FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo 2018 expands on its top position

© FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo

Impression from the FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo – © FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo

The Latin American trade fairs FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo, a satellite event of Kind + Jugend, start together this year for the third time. The trade fair duo already demonstrated high double-digit growth rates last year. The two trade fairs start from 7 to 10 June in the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo with the intention of inspiring visitors with current highlights and new products from children’s fashion and outfitting and of breaking new records. (more…)

Traveling with kids: why being a globetrotting mom blogger offers a wealth of experience – A guest commentary from the Matchmaking365-Community

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The world is big and beautiful, and just because it’s there, it deserves to be seen. When browsing through travel magazines, most of us suffer from wanderlust. Traveling as a family means of course having to face trade offs, but at the same time it offers special rewards, that simply aren’t available in any other travel situation. Going on a journey touches your soul and teaches courage and tolerance. Discovering the world and different places together enriches your family, as you return filled up with new experiences and memories each time you travel somewhere else.

According to a recent study by Scarborough Research, 14% of all American mothers with at least one child in their household blog about parenting. The average mommy blogger is 37 years old and 89% of mommy bloggers have kids between the ages of 2 and 11. (more…)

Sleeping bags – a guest commentary by Kids Interiors


Good night sleep is one of the most precious luxuries for both new parents’ and their petite bundles of love. Like late night feedings and colics aren’t exhausting enough, even the tiniest of infants move around in their sleep, constantly pushing blankets off their temperature-sensitive bodies.

But keeping newborns warm and cosy while asleep is crucial!Due to extremely low levels of body fat, their fragile little bodies are incapable of regulating their own temperature, which makes exposing them to cool environments very dangerous to their health.


Kind + Jugend wants to know … textile trends in the baby and toddlers outfitting segment – an interview with Hannah Matthews from the Trend Bible agency

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Kind + Jugend informs annually about the latest trends of the industry. In this context, it is primarily also home textiles that are of special importance. For one thing, they serve as decoration in the baby and children’s room, but at the same time they also contribute to children feeling at home in their own realm. We spoke with Hannah Matthews from Trend Bible, a trend agency focusing on living and interiors, that forecasts future developments on behalf of foresighted brand companies. In addition to her activity as a trend analyst, Hannah heads the production and publishing of the baby & kids trend books of the agency. In the context of the Trend Forum of Kind + Jugend 2018, she will tell us more about the trends of the coming year; she has already provided us with some insight.  (more…)

Nursery Trends 2018 – a guest commentary by Kids Interiors / /

We are well off into 2018, and from what we’ve seen so far, it is going to be yet another exciting year for nursery design! With eyes wide open, Kids Interiors is continuously looking for inspiration and emerging trends on the market, while putting together shopping guides to help parents achieve the very look they are after. They shared with us their predictions on what is going to be hot and what’s not in the world of nursery room design this year.

Less is no longer more when it comes to choosing a colour scheme for the kids’ space. Rich colours have been sneaking up into children’s rooms for a while now, and it is expected that this trend will keep growing in times ahead.


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