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Kind + Jugend is asking… an interview with Annika Marie Buchberger, winner of the Kids Design Award 2015

Annika Marie Buchberger developed the children’s furniture series “Ausgewachsen” (grown out) in the context of her final project for her course of studies. With this idea, the young designer from Cuxhaven was able to prevail against around 250 other creative designs and has now produced “Ausgewachsen” in series within the framework of a product sponsorship with the children’s furniture manufacturer Jörg de Breuyn. In an interview with Kind + Jugend, she tells what has happened since then.

Annika Marie Buchberger, winner of Kids Design Award 2015

Annika Marie Buchberger, winner of Kids Design Award 2015

In 2015 you won the Kids Design Award with your furniture series “Ausgewachsen”. What was special about these products? What distinguishes them?

What is special about “Ausgewachsen” is its ability to transform. (more…)

Kind + Jugend wants to know … all about kids’ lifestyle trends – An interview with Senior Trend Strategist Ruth Kelly from Trend Bible

Each year Kind + Jugend shows the latest trends for babies and toddlers. But how do trends develop and who determines them? And which factors have an influence on trends? We spoke to Ruth Kelly, Senior Trend Strategist at Trend Bible, a home and interiors dedicated trend agency who will once again provide an exclusive insight into the latest kids’ trends at Kind + Jugend 2016. The agency just published their Kid’s Lifestyle Trend Book Spring/Summer 2018.

Ruth Kelly, Senior Trend Strategist - Photo: Trend Bible

Ruth Kelly, Senior Trend Strategist – Photo: Trend Bible

1. You are regularly publishing the latest lifestyle trends for kids. And at Kind + Jugend 2016, you will once again give exclusive insights into the upcoming season. Can you tell us a bit of what is to come in 2017?

Ruth Kelly: For 2017, there are several influences driving change in design for babies and kids. One of the key drivers that continue to be important is a ‘connection to nature’. You can see this influence in several of our design themes for spring/summer, with a real focus on protecting and learning from the natural world. (more…)

Kind + Jugend completely booked up: many exhibitors promise a diverse product portfolio

As the internationally leading trade fair for baby and toddler outfitting, Kind + Jugend enjoys uninterrupted popularity: already three months prior to the start on 15 September 2016, the 100,000 m2 exhibition area is completely booked up. Look forward to numerous products from around 1,200 companies from more than 50 countries.

Kind + Jugend 2016 is completely booked up

Kind + Jugend 2016 is completely booked up

Whether children’s furniture, textile outfitting, prams or toys – industry pros will find many new products and further developments of products at Kind + Jugend. In terms of the quality of the offering, the popular platform is the measure of all things in international comparison: nowhere else will trade visitors find a similarly high number of the most important and high quality manufacturers of baby and toddler products. Angelcare, Chicco, Britax Römer, Käthe Kruse and Rotho are only a few of the renowned companies you can discover at Kind + Jugend this year.


Functional diversity in furniture design

Kind + Jugend 2015 led the way: Durability and multifunctionality are still at the top of the list when it comes down to furnishing the children’s bedroom. This is demonstrated among others by “Grown up” – the furniture series that grows together with the child created by the designer from Cuxhaven, Annika Marie Buchberger, which was distinguished with the sponsorship award, the Kids Design Award.

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Design Parc, Perludi

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Design Parc, Perludi

Design: Simple shapes and contrasting tones

Thanks to a manifold selection of structured foils and décor as well as different facets and styles, taste is coming into its own in 2016. The modern and simple shapes create an air of timeless elegance in both the children’s and youth’s section. In this way, the furniture can be used for a long time and combined with each other. (more…)

Kind + Jugend 2015: record trade fair ahead!

Even more diverse, more international, more high-quality: that is going to be Kind + Jugend 2015. With 1,141 exhibitors, the trade fair achieves a new record, and with a foreign share of 84 percent it consolidates its position as the world’s most important meeting point of the industry. The broad offer presented in Cologne ranges from children’s furniture, safety seats, strollers and sanitary products to toys and textile furnishings, and includes all the relevant and pioneering brands. Especially looking at the context of rising birth rates and encouraging prospects for the sector, you definitely should not miss Kind + Jugend 2015!

Kind + Jugend 2015 breaks all records!

Kind + Jugend 2015 breaks all records!

Baby Boom: good prospects for the sector

According to the German Federal Statistical Office (“Statistisches Bundesamt”), the birth rate has risen by 4.8 percent in 2014. At the same time more and more parents are willing to invest more money in their offspring: in 2014 parents spent around 1,058 euros per child in the first three years of their life, these are 3 percent more than the same period in 2013. Particularly manufacturers of strollers and child seats can benefit from that – since 2011 the sector is pleased with uninterrupted growth. (more…)

Successful market launch thanks to the “Kids Design Award” – Episode 5: From draft to market-driven design

A modular furniture system for kids and adults; high-class, modern and child-proof – for this, Bremen-based designer Jannis Ellenberger was honoured with the Kids Design Award 2014. The children’s furniture manufacturer Jörg de Breuyn, headquartered in Cologne, supports the design concept as a sponsor and helps it bloom into marketability. Which challenges do you have to overcome in such a process? Learn about them in our interview with both the designer and the manufacturer.


The prototypes for Jannis Ellenberger’s modular furniture system are being put to the test

Sometimes, the first draft of a piece of furniture and the actual finished piece are worlds apart. Mr. de Breuyn, how marketable were Jannis Ellenberger’s first designs from your point of view?

Jörg de Breuyn: Jannis Ellenberger is an experienced designer whose drafts were already really advanced – there were even first prototypes. When I discovered them last year at Kind + Jugend, I realised that a system like this is sorely needed. Integrated living is a trend, and the living areas for children and adults are increasingly merging. That’s also why the aesthetic aspect of children’s furniture is being much more focussed on now. In addition, I also see possibilities in non-residential buildings, for example when it comes to outfitting waiting rooms in a doctor’s surgery or lounge areas in hotels. (more…)

Successful market launch thanks to the Kids Design Award – Episode 4: Round table: Which children’s furniture does the market need?

Kind + Jugend supports innovative children’s furniture concepts and brings designers and manufacturers together. But how much importance is attached to design in the kids’ room anyway? Where is the trend headed? What does the market expect? These questions are discussed by Bremen-based designer Jannis Ellenberger whose modular concept was awarded with the Kids Design Award 2014, the children’s furniture manufacturer Jörg de Breuyn from Cologne, and Thomas Postert, project manager Kind + Jugend at Koelnmesse.

Kind + Jugend 2014

Kind + Jugend 2014


Successful market launch thanks to the Kids Design Award – Episode 3: The coming of age of a furniture system

For his modular children’s furniture system, Bremen-based designer Jannis Ellenberger was awarded with the Kids Design Award 2014 at Kind + Jugend. To help it bloom into marketability, the children’s furniture manufacturer Jörg de Breuyn from Cologne supports the concept as a sponsor. You already met both of them in episode 2 of our blog series – now you can follow the coming of age of the modular system from first draft to finished piece.

First drafts

First drafts of the modular furniture system

First drafts of the modular furniture system

Multi-functional furniture for children and adults that is made for playing and romping and at the same time mesmerizes by its clear, purist design – that’s the innovative design concept Jannis Ellenberger’s modular furniture system is based on. His first drafts show the layout with colours, shapes and styles. (more…)

Living in style in the children’s room

Individual design is in demand for children’s furniture – in addition to durability, natural materials and (multi) functionality.

Sonderschau: Designpark

No more plastic: the trend towards high-quality furniture has arrived in children’s rooms as well. And parents are willing to pay for individual and design-oriented furniture. In 2013, children’s furniture for 3.6 billion Euro was sold in Germany, equalling roundabout 20 percent of the entire German furniture industry turnover. (more…)