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Sustainability in the children’s room

Sustainable products for children’s rooms are in demand. More and more parents deem it important for furniture, clothing and toys to fulfil ecological, educational and social standards.

Furniture made from renewable resources made by momo, Kind + Jugend 2014

Furniture made from renewable resources made by momo, Kind + Jugend 2014

Children perceive their environment with all their senses – and often enough, they use their mouth to do so. No wonder parents are increasingly looking for products for their little ones that don’t pose any kind of health threat. However, it’s about more than health: an eco-friendly manufacturing process as well as social and educational sustainability are also gaining momentum as purchasing criteria. Disposable throwaway products are not in vogue anymore. Today’s buzz is about furniture, clothing, toys and accessories made of renewable raw or recycling materials – produced, manufactured, transported, traded, and disposed of in an environmentally and socially sound manner. In addition, the design needs to be appropriate for children and products should be durable and sturdy enough to be reused for younger siblings. When it comes to toys, parents are increasingly paying attention to their educational value. On the one hand, all these requirements are posing significant challenges to manufacturers and retailers; but on the other hand they also provide for attractive business opportunities. (more…)