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“Alexa, sing me a song”: the children’s room is also becoming a smart room



Electronic toys, digital tools and online helpers have transformed the children’s room into a smart room. Particularly in terms of safety, parents are relying more and more on the digital world, because the well-being and the health of their own child is their utmost priority. However, toy manufacturers are also going with the trend and, in addition to classic toys, are offering an increasing number of digital toys or hybrid games.

Digital toys, such as the audio system from tonies or the learning-to-talk pen from Betzold Tellimero, have already established themselves in many children’s rooms. (more…)

Digital nannies: safety solutions for the children’s room

The Connected Kidsroom

The Connected Kidsroom

The safety and health of their children is more important than anything else for mothers and fathers. However, because they can’t constantly stand watch over the baby’s bed, an ever increasing number of parents are relying on digital nannies: baby phones with additional functions, web cams and monitoring apps are more in demand than ever. This was also evident this year at Kind + Jugend, which, with the Connected Kidsroom, presented a real, completely equipped children’s room with special digital, smart products in a perfect environment.

Parents would prefer to have an eye on their babies and toddlers around the clock, in order to ensure that their young ones are fine and don’t need anything. (more…)

Playful fostering and learning

There is no holding children back when they are exploring their environment. Whether they are using the abacus to practice with numbers, training their sense of balance with the rocking horse or learning to understand their first story with audio books: playing and fostering development at the same time? (Almost) anything is possible with the new trend toys!

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

The urge to explore meets imagination

Kind + Jugend 2015 already demonstrated it: the urge to explore and the imagination of babies and toddlers is being increasingly addressed. The manufacturers playfully integrate numerous learning components into everyday life, and in this way create a foundation for lifelong learning fun. (more…)

Digitalisation in the children’s room

Digitalisation finds its way into the children’s room. It is not only electronic toys that are in demand, but also digital tools and online helpers for safety-conscious parents.

Kind + Jugend 2014, 4moms™, mamaRoo children's seats

Kind + Jugend 2014, 4moms™, mamaRoo children’s seats

Today’s kids have hardly outgrown their toddler years when they find themselves in the middle of the digital world. For quite some time, not only teenagers, but also younger children – even the youngest ones – spend their time with smartphones, tablets or on a computer.
55 per cent of the eight-year-olds go online on a regular basis; among the six-year-olds, 28 per cent use the Internet, and even 11 per cent of the three-year-olds do. And the numbers are rising, according to a study by the German Institute for trust and safety on the Internet (“Deutsches Institut für Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet, DIVSI“) which was commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs (“Bundesfamilienministerium”). Evidently, the favourite pastime of kids on the internet is gaming: 89 percent of the surveyed three-to-eight-year-olds confirmed this. (more…)