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Kind + Jugend wants to know … “The connected store” – an interview with Dominik Brokelmann from distributor Brodos

Stationary and online commerce have different advantages and disadvantages. Both want to bind customers to them and are engaged in a “battle of the channels”. We spoke with Dominik Brokelmann, CEO of the distributor Brodos, who offers an approach to a solution with his “connected store”. In the interview he explains how the future of stationary commerce might look.

Dominik Brokelmann, CEO at Brodos – photo: Brodos

Dominik Brokelmann, CEO at Brodos – photo: Brodos

1. At this year’s Kind + Jugend your company spoke of the “battle of the channels” between stationary and online commerce. What does this battle look like?

Both stationary and online – both channels have their advantages. In the store the customer can consult with the specialist, a pre-selected assortment is available to take away immediately and shopping in itself is an experience. (more…)