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Playful fostering and learning

There is no holding children back when they are exploring their environment. Whether they are using the abacus to practice with numbers, training their sense of balance with the rocking horse or learning to understand their first story with audio books: playing and fostering development at the same time? (Almost) anything is possible with the new trend toys!

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

The urge to explore meets imagination

Kind + Jugend 2015 already demonstrated it: the urge to explore and the imagination of babies and toddlers is being increasingly addressed. The manufacturers playfully integrate numerous learning components into everyday life, and in this way create a foundation for lifelong learning fun. (more…)

From playing through to learning

Of high educational value, not posing a health risk, top-grade quality and designed in a unique way: the demands on toys are ever increasing.



Parents, grandparents and others are willing to spend serious money on toys for their loved ones: for baby and toddler toys alone, they invested 458 million Euro in 2013. In the face of a stable birth rate, the industry expects a further positive development.