Kind und Jugend

Playful fostering and learning

There is no holding children back when they are exploring their environment. Whether they are using the abacus to practice with numbers, training their sense of balance with the rocking horse or learning to understand their first story with audio books: playing and fostering development at the same time? (Almost) anything is possible with the new trend toys!

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

Kind + Jugend 2015, stand: Hape

The urge to explore meets imagination

Kind + Jugend 2015 already demonstrated it: the urge to explore and the imagination of babies and toddlers is being increasingly addressed. The manufacturers playfully integrate numerous learning components into everyday life, and in this way create a foundation for lifelong learning fun. (more…)

Sustainability in the children’s room

Sustainable products for children’s rooms are in demand. More and more parents deem it important for furniture, clothing and toys to fulfil ecological, educational and social standards.

Furniture made from renewable resources made by momo, Kind + Jugend 2014

Furniture made from renewable resources made by momo, Kind + Jugend 2014

Children perceive their environment with all their senses – and often enough, they use their mouth to do so. No wonder parents are increasingly looking for products for their little ones that don’t pose any kind of health threat. However, it’s about more than health: an eco-friendly manufacturing process as well as social and educational sustainability are also gaining momentum as purchasing criteria. Disposable throwaway products are not in vogue anymore. Today’s buzz is about furniture, clothing, toys and accessories made of renewable raw or recycling materials – produced, manufactured, transported, traded, and disposed of in an environmentally and socially sound manner. In addition, the design needs to be appropriate for children and products should be durable and sturdy enough to be reused for younger siblings. When it comes to toys, parents are increasingly paying attention to their educational value. On the one hand, all these requirements are posing significant challenges to manufacturers and retailers; but on the other hand they also provide for attractive business opportunities. (more…)

Always be on the safe side

When it comes to the safety and security of their kids, parents don’t compromise – and they have high demands on suitable solutions for use at home or abroad.


Hardly any generation of kids has grown up as protected as the one today. Nutrition is supposed to be balanced, healthy and if possible organic, clothing should be made of natural materials; toys need to be free of harmful substances and of dangerous small parts that could be swallowed by the little ones. And it goes without saying that potential origins of danger in the house are being eliminated in the most thorough way as well. To this end, parents prefer buying children’s furniture with rounded edges; they equip power outlets with protection caps, doors with a cushioning effect and stairs with fall protection devices. Especially the ever more popular open floor plans that make it easy for toddlers to extend their discovery tours to the entire house can be a real challenge for safety-conscious parents.


Only the best for the little ones

When it comes to furniture, toys and accessories for children sustainability and multifunctionality are in demand.


Many exhibitors, great novelties, a good atmosphere and many business opportunities – the Kind + Jugend 2014 was a great success and provided numerous impulses to the industry. We want to keep you up-to-date with industry news and information on our blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter: developments and trends, design and products, events and highlights as well as tips for your business success. Let’s start with an update on the current market and some industry trends. (more…)