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Kind und Jugend

Comfortable, safe, portable: The ideal travel cot when on the go

Hauck Dream’n Play – © Hauck

Whether on vacation or visiting grandma and grandma, a baby’s sleep is sacred. That is why parents place high demands on quality, comfort and safety when it comes to travel cots and expect personalised advice before making a purchase.


Baby tracking: Which apps do parents really need?


Never have there been so many apps to help young parents with childcare and baby health advice. But are all of these baby trackers and guides actually useful or do they create more anxiety instead? And what about the issue of data protection?


Kind + Jugend is asking: Are fathers the new target group in the baby market?

© picsea

Child-rearing is no longer just for mothers – fathers are also participating more fully in their children’s upbringing. Many manufacturers and the media have recognised this trend and are increasingly tailoring their marketing activities to fathers. What does this new “Super Dad” look like? Which social developments encourage this trend? Trend researcher Axel Dammler from iconkids & youth answers these and other questions.


Kids Design Award is going into the next round: Future-oriented ideas for the children’s room of tomorrow sought

Hardly any other industry is as innovative as the world of baby and children’s equipment. Which is why Kind + Jugend with its renowned Kids Design Award is the ideal forum for design students and young designers, allowing them to present their pioneering ideas to a broad public and interested manufacturers and to make valuable contacts. Designs for the next round of the design competition can be submitted until 3 June 2019. The best idea will be honoured with the Kids Design Award.


The revolutionary way of travelling – Interview with Nicklas Lindblad from Bumprider

Bumprider Connect – © Bumprider

Whether single or double stroller for siblings – thanks to the Bumprider Connect, parents no longer have to spend a lot of time and effort: two strollers can quickly and easily be converted to one through an automatic, magnetically operated locking system. With this invention, the Swedish company was the trade fair highlight from the word go, and received the Innovation Award in the “World of Moving Kids” category. What does this success mean for Bumprider? And what potential do the trade fair and the Innovation Award offer young companies? We spoke with CEO Nicklas Lindblad on this topic.


Nursery Trends 2019 – a guest commentary by Kids Interiors

© @carinaolander

With a holiday season behind us, it is high time to start talking about nursery trend predictions for 2019 and discover what we can expect to see in children’s rooms in the months ahead. Traditionally, we asked Kids Interiors for their forecast on the direction nurseries are heading this season. As they are constantly searching high and low to discover the best kids’ designs and kids’ rooms out there, make sure to keep notes as you follow along!


Hardware industry: What is the trend for 2019?

Hesba Corredo – © Hesba

Only few industries are as innovative as the world of baby and children’s outfitting. The hardware industry in particular is continuously changing: Whether self-propelled baby carriages, flexible travel systems or sustainable electric mobility – new (technological) possibilities and innovations are always being introduced. Check out our blog to see which trends will influence the hardware industry in 2019.


Time for giving: What will find its way beneath the tree this year?

BlaBlaBlocks – © Vtech

Good news for toy manufacturers and traders: parents are extremely generous when it comes to Christmas gifts for their children. The budgets for this year in any case promise to set new records. However, which gifts ultimately find their way beneath the tree? We have discerned four trends.


Mobility trends: Are self-driving baby strollers coming our way?

Emmaljunga eStroller NXT90e – © Koelnmesse

Whether digital guardian angels, electronic toys or Connected Smart Toys – smart nursery tools have already arrived in children’s rooms. This trend is now spreading to another important area for parents: Smart strollers provide even more comfortable mobility and increased safety. Check out our blog to find out how Michael Neumann, Managing Director Northern Europe Dorel Juvenile, sees this trend and where it may be headed in the future.


Kind + Jugend 2018: 10 percent more visitors, 100 percent atmosphere

Hall perspective – © Koelnmesse

More than 24,700 visitors from 123 countries – the results for Kind + Jugend 2018 are impressive! The high degree of internationality, the many new products and the top event programme of the trade fair assured a super atmosphere for exhibitors and visitors.


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