Kind und Jugend

Kind und Jugend

Brilliant start of Kind + Jugend 2017 – with the ceremonious conferring of the Innovation Awards and the KIDS DESIGN AWARD

Winners of the Innovation Award

Winners of the Innovation Award

“And the winner is…” – Can a trade fair get off to a better start than with the conferring of honours for innovative products and creative design concepts? This is part of the good tradition of Kind + Jugend. With the now 13th ceremonious conferring of the Innovation Awards and the KIDS DESIGN AWARD, the first day of the trade fair this year once again brought a real highlight. And the alleged “unlucky number” didn’t please only the happy winners. The many visitors were also enthusiastic.

Trend Forum – even more inspiration for your business

Kind + Jugend Trend Forum

Kind + Jugend Trend Forum

Are you familiar with the latest trends and themes of the baby and children’s outfitting market?You will not only find out what is moving the industry and where new opportunities are arising at the trade fair stands, but also in our Trend Forum.Look forward to exciting lectures – and benefit from current insights.

New ideas, markets and current figures – presented in an exciting way by top-class experts from the industry, trade and research sector. (more…)

There has never been this much Kind + Jugend before!

Kind + Jugend 2016, Stand: UPPAbaby

Kind + Jugend 2016, Stand: UPPAbaby

An excellent mood and new records – that is what Kind + Jugend 2017, which starts on Thursday, is already promising. The international leading trade fair for baby and children’s outfitting is bigger than ever, is attracting more exhibitors and impressing everyone with a new visitor flow. The ongoing baby boom is getting the industry into the trade fair mood.

Ten percent more space, five percent more exhibitors: Kind + Jugend grows and grows. (more…)

We need to talk – Guest commentary by K.U.L.T.OBJEKT

K.U.L.T.OBJEKT - We need to talk.

K.U.L.T.OBJEKT – We need to talk.

It is timid, not innovative and inflexible, and needs to do this and that to get business really moving again. There is no shortage of criticism of the retail trade. Instead of dividing with accusations, we should do everything we can to talk with one another without bias, is the opinion of Jens Fischer, CEO of K.U.L.T.OBJEKT brand and experience architecture.  

In crisis situations or when things aren’t going smoothly, there is often a tendency to quickly find a guilty party to really put the boots to. (more…)

Nominees of the Kids Design Award 2017 have been confirmed

Jeannine Szepanski (Germany)

Jeannine Szepanski (Germany)

In keeping with tradition, the Kids Design Award will this year also be conferred on the first day of the trade fair. A total of 10 product ideas and prototypes have made it to the short list for the award. For the first time this year, the Innovation Award and the Kids Design Award will be presented separately.

113 young designers from 18 different countries have come forward for this year’s Kids Design Award. (more…)

Assortments for the child and their potential: interview with Jens Fischer from K.U.L.T.OBJEKT

Jens Fischer, owner of K.U.L.T.OBJEKT

Jens Fischer, owner of K.U.L.T.OBJEKT

“Assortments revolving around the child are not really presented in a way that promotes sales”, claims Jens Fischer. In an interview with Kind + Jugend, the owner of K.U.L.T.OBJEKT brands and experience architecture analyses the potential for optimisation.

You are active in a variety of commercial areas in an interdisciplinary fashion. Where would you place the retail trade with products relating to children in a ranking of segments?

Fischer: At quite a low level of development, to be honest. The retail trade in the entire children’s segment, from prenatal through outfitting and clothing to toys, makes a somewhat dusty impression, for reasons I can’t really understand, seeing as there is such an enormous  emotional potential in this market.


Where do you see mistakes in the way of thinking of the trade?

Fischer: We are no longer in a situation of competition of availability, but rather of the competition for attention.

The motivation of a retail trader shouldn’t be to keep children dry, warm and full, but instead to make the child and parents happy. This message isn’t arriving, or is much too quiet.


What exactly is going wrong?

Fischer: The existing highly emotional potential of the segment remains completely unused, instead of utilising it in the store as a sales argument and instrument. Many toy stores are better warehouses. Many children’s fashion stores are set up and arranged exclusively according to the logic of the collections and the fashion programme. Stores with baby items and accessories, even those of very high quality, usually have a purely logistical character. Thus, they encounter the customers in the most emotional phase immediately prior to or following a birth at a purely rational level. The chance to create highly emotional impulses to act is often completely missed.


Whereby, there are few industries as innovational as the world of baby and children’s outfitting.

Fischer: … which applies to the manufacturers and suppliers. Their innovative strength comes far too little into play on the trade side.


Where do you see fields of action for optimisation?

Fischer: As a planner, I may allow myself to pose a question that might seem provocative: What in the world is this strict classification of stores according to segments and products all about? In almost every industry, the assortment concepts have been in a process of transformation for years now, because consumer behaviour has also changed. Moments of surprise are mixed into the assortments, uniform themes are loosened up with products from elsewhere that are suitable, curiosity is aroused, emotional markers are set, there is a sense of wonder and surprise; all of this to keep the consumers’ arch of attention high. There isn’t much evidence of conceptual thinking in the retail trade with children’s items. Thinking still takes place within rigid departmental limits, and sorting takes place according to product groups. Why?


How might a concept change be initiated?

Fischer: Those who move to the level of children to consider the store and products with a child’s eyes will reach a completely different conclusion with regard to the sorting and furnishing of stores. Children are led by completely different signals and evaluate things completely emotionally and intuitively. If I am able to also draw the perception of the mothers to the childlike, unprejudiced, non-rationally controlled level, then I will be successful in ensuring that two happy customers leave my store. That is the ideal case. – That’s just one example. The details of a concrete concept must of course be oriented to the individual focus of the assortment. The following generally applies: when children also decide what mama pays for, the decision making processes must be evaluated differently within a store conception.


What does your approach consist of?

Fischer: The following principally applies: there is only one person that can assure the future of the company. That is the customer. Those who can win over hearts will have no problem with heads.

Our approach is formed on the basis of cross-industry experience and knowledge of neuropsychological behaviour patterns. Realising this in physical store concepts demands a lot of know-how and creativity. We specialise in both.


Jens Fischer, creative head and owner of K.U.L.T.OBJEKT, will explain his suggestions and ideas for up-to-date retail concepts for the world of children and baby outfitting in two lectures in the context of the supporting programme of the upcoming Kind + Jugend.




Kind + Jugend wants to know … all about textile living for babies and toddlers – An interview with Trend Analyst Hannah Matthews from Trend Bible

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Hannah Matthews – photo: Trend Bible

Textiles for babies and toddlers are one of the key topics at Kind + Jugend trade fair. They do not only decorate the children’s room, used properly, textile products also can create a fun and playful atmosphere. We conducted an interview with Hannah Matthews, Trend Analyst at Trend Bible, a home and interiors dedicated trend agency, working with inquisitive, recognised brands to predict change. At Kind + Jugend 2017 Hannah will also provide an exclusive insight into the latest kid’s trends in our Trend Forum. Furthermore, she creatively directs the Baby and Kid’s Lifestyle Trend books of the Trend Bible agency.


Kind + Jugend wants to know … trends in the early childhood education – An interview with Toby Mather from Lingumi

The early childhood education is one important topic at Kind + Jugend trade fair every year. We spoke to Toby Mather, co-founder of Lingumi, a pre-school language learning method that teaches children a language using an academic methodology.  

Toby Mather is the co-founder of Lingumi, a connected toy that teaches children a language using an academic methodology

1. What are the trends / developments in the early childhood education?

Learning is definitely a big trend. Old-style plastic toys are going out, and being replaced with carefully designed products from smaller brands. (more…)

Recognised as sustainable: parents pay attention to this seal

The trend is toward sustainable products for children. This opens up good business opportunities for manufacturers and traders. With the precondition that recognised labels or certifications provide proof of the observance of high ecological and social standards.


Photo: Engel, Pfullingen

Organic vegetables, furniture made of natural wood, fairly produced toys: as far as their children are concerned, parents pay attention to quality, harmlessness to health, and increasingly to ecological and social sustainability. (more…)

FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo: Latin American trade fair duo confirms top position in the children’s outfitting segment

The trade fair duo from São Paulo of FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo once again achieved top points for its second joint edition at the end of May. More than 8,500 trade visitors from ten countries informed themselves about product innovations of the industry. The Latin American trade fairs thus achieved clear growth of 43.5 percent in comparison to the previous year.

FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo, 2017

In addition to Kind + Jugend, as well as the China Kids Expo, FIT 0/16 and Pueri Expo will also be successfully organised by Koelnmesse. (more…)

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